Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday Favorites: Belated Edition

Again this last week was pure chaos. I wanted to write a blog on several occasions  but there just wasn't time. I am hoping that the chaos will die down soon so I return to normalcy. Running & Farmgirlfit have been my saving grace these last couple of weeks. Besides intensedebate deleting all of the comments from one of my posts last week and being stressed from work, it was a pretty good & exciting week.

I got my new Ghost 5's on Wednesday- aren't they beautiful?! Funny story about receiving them. I stalk Fed Ex tracking like white on rice. I knew that my shoes were supposed to arrive on Wednesday. When I got home from work it was dark/rainy I didn't notice a box on the front porch so I came back out with a flashlight to look under the bushes and around the side of the house. No box. I went back and checked my email to double check that I hadn't lost my mind. According to Fed Ex the shoes were delivered AND signed for at 1:19 pm. I was able to find out that someone by the name of "CTWIN" signed for my shoes. WTH?! I called Mr. Healthy Diva to double check that he hadn't been home and threw the shoes in his truck on his way out. Nope, he swore he hadn't been home. I went outside and checked again and was freaking out at this point. None of my surrounding neighbors (even the new ones right next to us) have the initials "CTWIN". I then spent the next 30 minutes on the phone to Fed Ex trying to figure out where my freaking shoes were. Side note: Fed Ex has FANTASTIC customer service! They told me they would follow up with me in the morning. I went to Farmgirlfit still in a fit about my shoes. When I got home what was on my kitchen counter? My shoes. Apparently my neighbor Trina (new neighbor) was expecting a package and she was either home & outside or her nanny was so they signed for my package because the nice Fed Ex guy didn't want my package to get wet. Very nice of him, but usually they leave a sticky note on the door telling you "neighbor has package" or "package under the bush" etc. Oh well, the mystery was solved and I got my pretty new shoes. Fed Ex did follow up with me first thing Thursday morning in which I was a little embarrassed, but the guy on the phone was really nice to me. 

I received another fun package in the mail on Thursday that contained my ornaments & cookies from the Girls Gone Sporty ornament/cookie exchange. I was paired with Rachel who blogs at Restoring Rachel. Rachel lives in my favorite state (TEXAS) and lives in a city I really want to visit (AUSTIN). When we first got paired up a couple of weeks ago I was excited to learn that she was just getting ready to run her first 1/2 marathon. The ornament I purchased for her was pink with snowflakes and said 13.1 on it. I knew that it was the perfect ornament and she was thrilled with it. 

Rachel sent me two ornaments. One is a really cute pink/orange octopus and the other is an adorable set of pink running shoes with glitter. Rachel even went above and beyond and customized the sneakers to say "Healthy Diva" and then "GGSA" & SPA on them. Side note: GGSA (Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador) and SPA (Sweat Pink Amabassador). The cookies she sent me were out of this world. The snickerdoodle was probably my favorite, but they were all delicious. 

I want to extend a special thank you to Karina who has organized the ornament exchange and the Halloween exchange we did in October. Thank you for all of your hard work- these swaps are a lot of fun!

Yesterday was a sad day in Eagle Nation was we lost to Sam Houston State. There won't be a national championship game for us this year, but they had a fantastic season. To come back with a 35 point deficit to almost win yesterday was pretty impressive. I think if they had 5 more minutes (or if their first field goal attempt had been good!) they would have won. Final score: 42-45 :/

We are definitely true fans as we braved the chilly temperatures and the snow to cheer on our favorite team. Mr. Healthy Diva and I take really good photos, huh? That look was our "we are freezing our to death, losing, but still having fun" look. 

The last thing I want to briefly tell you about is something I AM VERY EXCITED about. I was selected to be a member of Brooks ID for a media sponsorship for 2013. I found out that I had been selected on Friday afternoon and I am still in shock two days later. This really deserves a post of it's own because I have so much to say. I just wanted to share the good news and how excited and honored I feel. 

Now I need to get caught up on your blogs today and run 10 miles. After last week's fiasco of a long run, these 10 miles will be on the TM. Especially since we got 3-4 inches of fresh snow over night. BRRRR.

Questions for you:
How was your week?
Ever had a package stolen from your porch before?
Did you or have you participated in an ornament exchange?
Are you member of Brooks ID?



  1. love the ornaments you got i totally forgot to post about mine, better get on that! the shoes were too cute! my fiance and i started a tradition where we buy each other an ornament for the tree each year, we try to find something creative/unique! i love your new shoes too!

    1. I thought that Rachel did really good on the ornaments. I especially loved the pink running shoes. My husband and I used to buy ornaments when we were first together, but we haven't in a couple of years. We should start that up again. My new shoes are awesome and I love the pink!

  2. Congratulations on the Brooks deal!! That is fantastic :) And I'm glad your new shoes arrived safely in the end, I relate to being stressed over something not being there when it should be (especially when it's as good as running shoes!).

    1. Thanks Kari- I am really excited! Also glad that I was able to find my shoes. I was freaking out for about an hour. I was thinking that someone was at our house trying to break in. I always think of the worst.


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