Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pennies for Pull-Ups {please sponsor me}

For the month of October I am participating in Farmgirlfit’s annual charity fundraiser- Pennies for Pull-Ups.  From 10/1-10/31 I will complete 496 pulls-ups. October 1st- 1 pull up, October 2nd- 2 pull ups, October 3rd- 3 pull ups, etc. Farmgirlfit will donate 4.96 on my behalf for participating, but I am also looking for sponsors to either sponsor me for 4.96 or for any other amount you wish to donate. Sponsoring is easy, just be sure to specify that you are sponsoring me, Tasha Malcolm.

Here is the link to visit to learn more about this fundraiser and how to become a sponsor-

The money from this fundraiser will go towards a great cause and will be donated to Camp Goodtimes which is a camp that provides outdoor experiences for children diagnosed with cancer so they can temporarily forget about their illness, treatments & hospital visits.

The American Cancer Society used to the be the main sponsor of this camp, but as of August, they have dropped their sponsorship-

I would secretly love to have the most sponsors out of any other member, so please sponsor me if you can. I would really appreciate it!

Wouldn’t you want to see a pregnant lady complete 496 pull ups?!



  1. That is a lot of pullups! If any prego girl can do it I know you can! I will look into sponsoring you.

  2. I'll sponsor you! And honestly, I think your 496 should count as double since technically there is two of you!

  3. I do want to see you do it - and I'm going to go donate right now!!!! Go you!!

  4. What a cool challenge- excited to follow along!

  5. catching up- and trying to condense comments. MAJOR impressed with the workouts you are getting in while pregnant-especially in the first trimester (friends say that is the toughest). Also- no clue on nursery. My sister did a very basic nursery since they didn't know the sex.

    Definitely will sponsor you!


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