Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This last weekend we went and watched my alma mater- the Eastern Washington University Eagles- play in the quarterfinal playoff game against Illinois State. I was really excited for the game, but not not looking forward to freezing my tail feathers off. It was a cold day and when you are just standing outside for hours on end you get miserable real quick. The weekend before we watched game and I was not prepared for the weather. Within minutes I was freezing and miserable. This time around I tried to be a bit smarter.

Do you want to guess how many layers I have on?

I had on 1 pair of compression sleeve socks, 2 pairs of pants with an additional set of knee high socks. I also was wearing my NorthFace winter boots. On top I had 2 pairs of Brooks arm sleeves, 2 long sleeve shirts, my new Lululemon sweatshirt, EWU scarf & fleece headband and my NorthFace gloves. I also had an EWU jacket, feet warmers in my boots and hand warmers in my gloves. Sipping on hot chocolate. 

The layers were a little intsense, but I stayed fairly comfortable the whole time. Mr. Healthy Diva commented that I was walking like a robot. I probably did look a little funny. :-)

This next weekend I will probably wear the same thing + I might even bring a blanket. 

Tailgating before the game & trying to stay warm

@ the game 

The Inferno @ Roos Field (aka the "happiest place on earth")

EWU will play Sam Houston this Saturday in Cheney at 1:00 pm. If they win (THEY WILL WIN) they will play in Frisco, Texas for the National Championship. GO EAGS!!!!


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