Tuesday, December 18, 2012

#Elf4Health: Week 3

Last week I failed miserable with #elf4health. I think I may have overcommitted myself for everything I have going on at work right now. I got partnered with Carissa for these next two weeks. I know that she has been busy with school and work too. She is a personal trainer. 

Elf4Health-Track your water intake. I did good at this because I drink a lot of water. I drank over 132 ounces throughout the day.

Workout- Farmgirlfit
This was by far the hardest workout I have ever completed at FGF. It was so hard- my arms were screaming at me.  Workout consisted of "bears" and box jumps
*What is a bear? Consists of 5 moves: dead lift, clean, front squat, squat press, back squat...repeat. They really are "bears"!
12 box jumps 1 bear (55 lbs)
11 box jumps 2 bears (55 lbs)
(you get the idea of the ladder?)
2 box jumps 11 bears (55 lbs)
1 box jumps 12 bears (55 lbs)

Took me 37:35 to complete the entire workoutThe last time I did "bears" there wasn't as many to complete (5 rounds of 5) and I was barely able to do 45 lbs.

Then we had extras!
5 rounds:
20 ab mat push ups
1 minute plank

This took my 9:06
Elf4Health- Clean out my pantry & fridge. Also did great at this. Nice clean fridge!
Workout- 6 x 1 mile repeats at 8:00 minute pace w/1:00 minute recovery. All paces were right on target.

Elf4Health- Eat 3 servings of veggies by 3pm. Didn't score on this challenge. I think I had 2 servings by 2pm.
Workout- Farmgirlfit
400 meter row
5 rounds:
5 cleans (65 #)
10 dorothy kicks
15 kb swings (26#)
800 meter row

Total time: 16:34

Elf4Health- Buy coffee for the person in line behind or your treat your co-workers to a snack. I usually drink my coffee at home so I was going to treat my co-workers and then got too busy. FAIL.

Workout- 1 mile easy warm up (8:18) followed by: 5 x (2 x 30 second w/1 minute recovery , 1 x 60 seconds w/2 minute recovery) at 6:00 minute per mile pace.

Elf4Health- Workout with a buddy. Oddly there was only two of us at Farmgirlfit. That should count, right?!

Tabata workout:
8 rounds of 20 seconds w/10 second recovery
For rowing we just kept a running total of calories, but for the other 3 rounds you tried to match you first round for the remaining 7 rounds.

1. Rowing for calories- Kept a running total and had 52 calories
2. Double Unders- 12
3. Wall Balls- 5 (was doing level 4)
4. Lunges- 14

Elf4health- Donate to a holiday charity in the area. I put change in the salvation area pot at the grocery store.

Workout- DAY OFF!

Workout- Easy 10 miles. Finished in 1:20:22!

Questions for you:
Are you having problems completing Elf4Health too? I know a couple of people have decided not to participate this round.

How was your week?



  1. Great workouts last week! Way better than mine. I have been struggling to get mine in:( So frustrating!

    1. I think it will be easier for you after the holidays. Life is so busy right now. It helps that I have to go to FGF at a certain time every week. It holds me accountable.

  2. This week was better for me #elf4health wise than the week before. It's definitely harder than I thought. I think I thought the "challenges" would just be like-- GO WORKOUTS! Well, now that I'm thinking about it that wouldn't be much of a CHALLENGE, so I suppose it makes sense. Either way, I'm struggling too. Hang in there! Life's always crazy around the holidays!! They'll be here and over before you know it!

    1. Meagan are you going to participate in the next round of #elf4health? I am thinking about passing on it. I will need to see how the rest of this week pans out first. I am trying to enjoy the holidays because they will be over before we know it. I love this time of year!

  3. Still a great week! :) My schedule has actually kept me from starting and finishing a challenge. I bought coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks, but not on the day it was supposed to be on. I also did the same thing with the Salvation army....just not on the right day. :) Oops.

  4. I am getting about half the challenges done, the funnest thing for me this round is my elf. First round my elf only wrote once :(

    1. I have been the bad elf this time around. :/
      I think I might have to withdraw this weekend. Way too many things going on and I feel like I overextended a little bit. I am glad that you have a great elf this time around. My elf for the first round was awesome- I loved her.


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