Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hacked Pork

I love when a recipe turns out, but it is always a double bonus when it tastes even better the next day. This recipe was nothing short of amazing! Mr. Healthy Diva even commented that this was one of the best dinners I have cooked in a while. He is a pretty picky eater so when he loves something then I know it was a huge success.  I often cook dinner for myself while he opts for a $1 microwaveable pizza. We are definitely as opposite as it gets when it comes to health & fitness!

This meal was enough for dinner Monday & Tuesday night. On Wednesday I made a wrap for lunch out of it and then Mr. Healthy Diva had the last portion for his dinner. It is another bonus when you can get several meals out of one recipe. I am pretty busy during the week so taking another 30-45 minutes out of my evening to create a delicious dinner is sometimes too time consuming.

I also have made this recipe for tailgating and it was a HUGE success. We ate it like pulled pork on hamburger buns and it was awesome. This recipe is pretty versatile. Today I am having the leftovers for lunch with some cheese sprinkled on top. Yum!

I owe this recipe’s credit to Pinterest. Check it out here.

This is what it looks like

You can also check out my cookbook board on Pinterest and try some recipes that I have pinned recently.

Let me know what you think!

PS- I was going to take a picture of it (I have only made it twice now!), but I was always so excited to chow down that I forgot. Blogger FAIL. J


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