Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running update and a quickie vacay

After speaking with my physician about what I thought could be recurring compartment syndrome (CS) symptoms he didn’t seem too concerned. Yet. He said that at this point it is still too early to tell if the CS is coming back or if it is better. In the meantime I can continue my running as I was, but just to be a little cautious about it if I am have recurring foot cramps and discontinue if I am getting pain in my shin. He thought that I might be getting a foot cramp for a couple of reasons:
1.       I am not giving myself enough recovery in between running sessions. Now instead of running every other day I am just going to run Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
2.       I am switching between too many pairs of shoes. For the moment I am putting my new PureConnects on hold and will just wear my Ghost 5s.
What appeared to be a “foot drop” may have just been my over compensating for the cramping in my arch. I am glad that I listened to my body and stopped mid run when I did think that something was off. When I said I learned my lesson about running through pain I wasn’t kidding. I really did learn my lesson!
Hopefully by allowing myself more recovery and sticking to one pair of shoes I will alleviate the foot cramps that I was getting. I am scaling back my miles for this week and then will gradually build back up to running about 18 miles a week. Still a far cry from the 60 (ish) miles I had been running.
I met with Matt on Monday and he still pleased and excited with the progress I have made. He also was in agreement about my shoes and recovery time. By next week I will be graduating to running 1200 meter repeats and slowly adding some distance to my training runs. I also was given a new lifting program to add some variety to my cross training routine. Matt puts together insane lifting programs. They don’t look like much on paper, but they kick my butt every single time.
One of new favorite activities to make my spinning time go by faster is watching Hulu on my laptop. Since we don’t have television in our house I can catch up with my favorite TV shows and still workout. It’s a win, win situation.
This week has been crazy busy with work and working on the Lantern Tap House Run Club. The exciting thing about this week is by this time tomorrow I will by laying pool side in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel & Resort. It will be a quick trip for a wedding, we will be there for less than 48 hours, but it beats staying at home!


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