Monday, September 17, 2012

Palm Springs in Pictures

My less than 48 hours in Palm Springs adventure:

This is where we stayed: Ace Resort & Swim Club. The wedding also took place here. It was very hip and a lot of fun!

These pictures are from the Parker where Mr. Healthy Diva's uncle and aunt were staying. We had breakfast there on Saturday and it was awesome. Best lemon pancakes I have ever had! The Parker was huge; there were several outdoor swimming pools and even a lemonade stand.

This is some art from the inside of the Parker. It was also a very cool resort. 

After breakfast we headed to downtown to go shopping and see the Marilyn Monroe statue. I was on the quest to find a Palm Springs Sbux mug, but they recently got discontinued. I had to settle for a California mug. Thanks Sbux!

The picture of the palm tree and ACE sign I took on my very short morning run on Saturday. It was already in the 90s before 8 am. I was DYING. At least I tried?!

The ceremony

The reception

More pictures from the reception

Mr. Healthy Diva and I both had a lot of fun. I wished that we could have taken a later flight out on Sunday (we left at 5 am) or even stayed an additional day. It was good to see some family and relax by the pool. The wedding was a lot of fun and we both couldn't be happier for Brandy & Troy. 

Palm Springs is beautiful, hopefully we can go back someday. 


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