Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lantern Tap House Run Club

Yesterday my secret project became Facebook "official" which means it is serious. I am pretty excited about what I have been working on over the last couple of weeks with the owners of the Lantern Tap House- Mike & Melinda. What started out as a conversation one night has turned into something that I am proud to be a part of. I don't think Mike quite realized just how excited I was about running when he nonchalantly asked me if I would participate in a running group if they started one. Would I participate?! Of course I would participate! I live, breath, & dream about running- 24/7/365. After a couple more casual conversations with both Mike & Melinda they gave me the free reigns to create the Lantern Tap House Run Club!

I understand that it is getting late in the year to be starting a running club in Spokane so this will only go for 7 weeks until we resume in March. There has been discussion of having the run club run until the weather gets yucky so we will wait and see what the participation is. I have a gazillion wonderful ideas buzzing my head at lightening fast speeds. I have lots of exciting things in the pipeline. I am going to work with Title Nine and South Perry Pizza too. We will eventually have t-shirts and there will be discounts to run club members.

Without further adieu here are the run club specifics:

The Lantern Tap House Run Club
When: Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm- starting on 9/18 and going until 10/30
Where:  The Lantern Tap House- 1004 S. Perry, Spokane

Each week will have a different variation of a course through the South Perry neighborhood. Courses will range anywhere from 3-6 miles, but feel free to run more or less. These runs are laid back, run at your own pace and have FUN!

The running club will start on Tuesday 9/18 and will go for 7 weeks with the season ending on Tuesday 10/30. This run will be a costume run so come dressed up!

The season will resume in the spring on Tuesday 3/5 at 6:00 pm. There are lots of fun and exciting things planned for next year!!!!!


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