Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am excited to announce that I was selected to be an ambassador for GirlsGoneSporty! What exactly is GirlsGoneSporty? I couldn't have said it any better so I took this from their website:

Girls Gone Sporty is a movement. While currently its primary focus is its editorial-based website (, in time we want to host fitness retreats, sponsor teams, hold trainings and much, much more. 

Girls Gone Sporty was founded on November 30, 2011 by husband and wife team, Lance and Laura Williams. Laura Williams has a Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science, eight years fitness management experience and three years of professional writing and editing experience. Lance Williams has an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science, six years personal training experience and four years experience as a professional web developer. Together they work with several freelance writers and interns to provide the content found on Girls Gone Sporty.

What is the “sporty life”? It’s more than just fitness and nutrition; it’s an attitude that’s focused on embracing fun and adventure. The sporty woman says, “I can do anything I put my mind to, I just need the resources to do it.” That’s where Girls Gone Sporty comes in. Owned and operated by Laura Williams, a self-proclaimed "sporty girl" and her husband Lance Williams (an equally sporty guy), Girls Gone Sporty is dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and ideas for advancing the fit and adventurous lifestyle. What you can expect to find on GirlsGoneSporty:
  • Fitness – the latest fitness trends and workout plans
  • Fashion – the hottest/best fitness-related fashion on the market...and "just for fun" fashion, too!
  • Beauty – tips and tricks for maximizing your beauty, even when you’re active
  • Nutrition – the best ways to fuel your body to support your sporty lifestyle
  • Technology/Gear – staying ahead of the game when gearing up for your next fitness goal
  • Lifestyle – travel, adventure, women’s health, relationships – pretty much everything!
  • Interviews/Profiles – exclusive interviews with some of the most inspiring and fun “sporty” athletes and experts
Their website is awesome and very extensive- you have to check it out. They have gift guides (could come in handy for Christmas) for both women, men & teens. I was checking out the gift guide last night and their was a ton of things I wanted.

They also have great articles ranging from fitness, beauty, nutrition & recipes. I know that they have some great articles coming up because I supplied some pictures for it. I am hoping that I can come up with an article myself to contribute soon!

I was loving reading about the Fall 2012 makeup trends, even though I am awful at doing my makeup. The recipe section is pretty extensive ranging from your staple meals to desserts & snacks. I seriously want to make the "angel food cupcake explosion"- it looks delicious!

I am looking forward to representing GirlsGoneSporty and getting ready to know the other 12 ambassadors. It sounds like a fun group of talented women!


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