Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites: Why I Love Fall

Let’s talk about fall. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons:

Pumpkin- I LOVE pumpkin anything. Especially pumpkin coffee and pumpkin spice lattes. I also love pumpkin beer. My favorite pumpkin beer is from the Coeur d'Alene Brewing Co. in Spokane. Fall also means that now is the time to make pumpkin waffles, pie & bread.

The colors- Nothing beats the wonderful assortment of fall colors. One of my favorite things is running through the parks in Spokane and looking at all of the changing leaves. Spokane is truly beautiful during the fall.

The crisp air- I love how crisp and fresh the air is anytime during the day. On Saturday mornings I love to sit on the back step with my cup of coffee and watch Tia & Maisy play while snuggled into a blanket or a cozy sweatshirt.

Cardigans & sweatshirts- I like to be cozy and one of my staple pieces of clothing are my sweatshirts and cardigans. Fall is the first time in the year where I can break them out. I have an insane amount of sweatshirts, but I don’t think you could ever have too many!

Tailgating- One of my favorite weekend activities is heading out to Cheney to tailgate with our friends before EWU football games. I love getting food ready and baking up a storm- nobody goes into the game hungry. There is something about game day excitement- it is a fun atmosphere to be in.

Thanksgiving- This is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because of all the yummy food. On my side of the family it is a yearly reunion for my dad’s family. When I was growing up there would easily be over 100 people. Most of the people I didn’t even know who they were- some stranger could have joined in and nobody would have known. It is customary to hit the dessert table first to secure the goods and then pile your dinner plate high with turkey, stuffing & mashed potatoes & gravy. Every year I put myself into a food coma- you would think at 28 I would have learned my lesson by now.

Birthdays- Mr. Healthy Diva and I are only 5 days apart. His birthday is 11/3 and mine is 11/8. It is a week long birthday celebration! It is also a cheap month to eat out since we get so many free “birthday meals” at restaurants- SCORE. Last year I threw him a surprise party and he bought me my first treadmill. We probably won’t do much this year, but next year we have already decided we are spending our 30th in Vegas!

Tia also has a big birthday on 10/8. J

Cross country season- XC was always my favorite sport growing up. I like how all the courses are so different and challenging. In Spokane we have a cross country series that runs from September- November. Usually I will run all the races, but last year I didn’t because I was so focused on CIM. This year I might be able to do a race or two, but that is to be determined by my progress at this point.

Questions for you:

Do you like fall? If not what is your favorite season and why???


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