Monday, August 20, 2012

PRO Compression *Product Review*

*I was not paid by PRO Compression for this review. The opinions of their product are my own.

Last week I noticed the Schwaggle deal on PRO Compression socks. I have seen the deal offered once before, but then forgot to check it out.  I almost forgot about it last week, but then remembered it after seeing all of the tweets and blogs talking about the deal (thanks for the reminder everyone!). For 50% off the compression socks it was a great deal. Compression gear is necessary and isn't cheap! I was a little apprehensive about ordering compression socks. I have 3 pairs of compression sleeves (1 pair of Zensah & 2 pairs of CEP) which I love. I had never tried the compression socks before because I have small feet (size 7) so I wasn't sure how well the socks would fit them. Plus, I am sock snob and I am very particular about what I put on my feet for a workout.

I went ahead and ordered the white socks and the red USA socks since the Olympics last week had me feeling patriotic. I ordered the XS for each pair. I ordered them on Tuesday and they shipped that day so the turn around was very quick. I left for vacation Tuesday night so I am not sure when the arrived, but they were waiting for me when I got home on Sunday.

On Monday I decided to wear a pair of my new PRO Compression socks on my bike ride. I know, weird to wear them on a bike ride, but since I am not running much I figured that this would at least let me know how well the fit my feet. I thought that the fit was great! They are a bit harder to get on because they are socks, but they are also easier to get off. The size XS feet my feet perfectly. I think that they should work great for running and not cause any blisters on my feet.

Overall I would rate PRO Compression very high & would recommend their products to any of my friends looking for some great compression socks.

*I loved how fast the turn around was from the time I purchased the product from the time that it shipped.
*The sizing chart on their website is accurate.
*The product is of high quality and comfortable to wear.
Don't judge my pasty white legs please :-)

Questions for you:

Do you wear compression gear for running?
What is your favorite brand of compression products?


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