Sunday, July 15, 2012

The numbers game

I wished that I wasn't so competitive with myself! I realize that I am not the only one out there that struggles with this. My question for you is how do you deal with your competitive streak when you are recovering from an injury???? 

Recovering from a serious injury is a very humbling experience. I have learned so much about my self in the last several months. I am still struggling with the thought of knowing how much I still have left to learn. The thought of even running a 5K seems so hard right now and a marathon seems entirely out of the question! 

I am waiting for that day when everything just magically "clicks" in my head. I know that day can be weeks or months from now, but when it happens I will probably cry tears of joy. Learning how to "run" all over again is not easy! 

I am a huge numbers person. I am slightly obsessed with my Garmin and I religiously keep track of every single workout I complete. Even being injured right now, I still keep track how long it takes me to finish my running drills workout. I am sure that this isn't necessary, however, I like to see improvement because then that means I am actually getting somewhere. I wouldn't consider my 300s to be running per say because I run them slow. Slow because I am not in great shape and slow because I need to focus on my form and technique. Matt has me focus on 3 main things while I am running:

1.  Cadence around 90-95 strides per min.  
2.  Short strides that allow you to minimize the up and down movement
3.  Foot contact - Remembering to paw the ground, contact with mid foot under your hips (not in front of hips), take short quick strides, pull your heel to your butt each time, and stand up tall

Today I busted through my  5 x 300 repeats faster than I had before. I felt really good and felt like my form has dramatically improved even since last week. I know that my times are slow in relative comparison to what I was running before, but I was curious as to how much off my times were. That was a bad mistake. 

On March 2nd I ran 8 x 400 repeats, the fastest 400 being 1:16, the slowest 1:19

On February 17th I ran 6 x 400 meter repeats. Fastest being 1:14, slowest being 1:15

My fastest 300 repeat on Sunday was 1:20 which is roughly a 26 second 100 which would mean my 400 meter time would have been around 1:46-1:50. UGH. WTH. That is exactly what I didn't need to see. That is exactly why running even a 5K seems like it would be the hardest thing in the world. I hate that I am so competitive with myself. I hate it. I was pretty discouraged, but I also had to see something positive about where I am at right now. I have made leaps and bounds over the last couple of weeks. I am no longer in an immense amount of pain, my flexibility has improved a ton (it still sucks, but it is a A LOT better), and my piriformis no longer hates me. My hip is still sore, but not near as bad as it has been. The most important thing though is that I have had ZERO signs or symptoms that my compartment syndrome has returned. I CAN RUN which I am thankful for everyday. With some more hard work, dedication, and positive thinking I will be running even more in the near future. I am meeting with Matt tomorrow night (Monday) so I am hoping to graduate from my 5 x 300 meters to a longer distance. 

Stay tuned!


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