Monday, July 2, 2012


Saturday was my FIRST running workout since May. Technically it was my first "workout" since before Eugene in April It was great! I was up bright and early and hit the track at 8:30 am. I had the whole track to myself which was nice, because I am a little self conscious right now. I wouldn't really consider it much of a workout, but you have to start somewhere. For me it is like starting from scratch. Learning how to run all over again. It seems so daunting right now, but my coach doesn't seem to think that it will take forever to catch on to forefoot running. I might believe him in a couple of weeks. :-)

For the next couple of weeks I get to do this workout every other day. It consists of some drills and stretching on the track. Then I can run at about 60% for 200 meters and then walk for 100 meters. Repeating until I hit my time limit: 20 minutes. It doesn't seem like much when I am used to run 60 miles a week, but I will take what I can get. I was excited yesterday when I realized that for the first time in months I actually have a workout to upload to Daily Mile. I contemplated uploading and then realized "why not?" :-)

I have really been concentrating on  my form, even practicing in front of a mirror. What I have noticed is how sore my arches and calf muscles feel. OUCH! Matt says that this is "normal" and my body should adjust soon. OYE! I just keep thinking to myself how this will hopefully make me a better, faster, and stronger runner. I sure hope that Matt is right!

On Friday I ordered some new shoes which I am excited and nervous about! The adrenaline has been my "go to" shoe since 2002, but I have decided to switch it up. I ordered the Ghost 5!!!! They aren't pink like my Adrenalines, but they are pretty!

Questions for you:
Are you a forefoot runner? Have any tips for me?


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