Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When can I run?

When can I run? That is a great question that I really wished I had that magic answer for. Unfortunately I don't know. I might be running in a couple of weeks, a couple of months or maybe next year. I doubt next year, but you never know. I am still keeping a positive outlook on everything that has been thrown at me this last year and hopeful that I will be running soon. Both my coach and doctor think that it is best to not set a specific date to start running again in case I can't run at that point and then be even more disappointed.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your positive comments and good vibes you have been sending my way. I am very hopeful that I won't need the surgery and will look back a year from now and be able to see how much I learned from this experience. I am so thankful for all of you and my family. I cannot exclude my great professional team that are working in over drive to get me healthy again: Matt (coach),
Dr. Anderson (sports medicine), Todd (PT), and Susan (Chiropractor). They are seriously hands down the best team to have on my side. I couldn't ask for better people to be working with right now.

Matt created a pretty cool training plan that is physician and physical therapist approved. It kind of kicks my butt! It includes 6 prehab exercises for a warm up, a circuit workout that includes kettle bells & spinning, abs, and then concludes with 4 stretches. The stretches have been great to work out my tight hips. I have noticed that they seem to be helping and this is only after 2 workouts. The circuit portion of the workout might not seem like much, but it totally kills me. I feel like I am dying! The abs- there are only 9 moves, but holy moly. The first time I did them it hurt to laugh for the next 48 hours!

I do the cross training/stretching program Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. The whole workout from start to finish takes less than 90 minutes. On Tuesday & Thursday I can spin for 45-60 minutes. Right now I can only spin moderately for 45 minutes. Nothing additional on any workout day. If I want to add something I have to get permission to do so. The reasoning is so that I don't over do myself. I am glad I have Matt to keep me in check because I am so addicted to running and working out- it is ridiculous. Matt is teaching me how to follow instructions- that is a fact! I texted him yesterday to ask if I could spin for 60 minutes and do the abs workout. He said no to abs and only let me do 45 minutes spinning. He said he could tell if I wasn't following "the plan". TRUST ME. I am following the plan. This plan also means NO elliptical. Guess I can't make the elliptical my b*tch anymore.

I am meeting Matt at the pool today to learn some sweet aqua jogging moves. It's okay to be jealous, really it's okay. I am not a fan of water so we shall see how this goes.....I am hoping I can get a good workout from it!

From this point, I am going to keep my workout plan from Matt and hopefully by staying away from running I can heal. I am seeing Susan twice a week currently so she can do ART (active release technique) on my leg. I am also seeing Todd twice a week to work on strength and flexibility. On June 27th I go back to Dr. Anderson for an evaluation to see if I am improving or if I will need surgery. Keep your fingers crossed that the therapy will help me. I think that it will. I can already see some improvement and Todd has mentioned how my flexibility has gotten much better. Two brownie points for me!

I am looking forward to running again for many reasons. Mostly because I have high hopes and aspirations for what I can run. Another HUGE reason is because it seems like I have the sloooooooowest metabolism evvveeeerrrrr and running helps keep that in check. I am not going to lie, definitely not feeling comfortable in my body right now. The clothes are not fitting like they should and I just feel disgusting. Not the best way to start the summer. With that being said....I leave you with this (thanks for sharing Susan!):

Questions for you:

How do you maintain your waistline when you are injured? Please share your secrets!!!!
Am I the only one that has problems following instructions?
Do you stick to "the plan" or do you like to make your own adjustments?


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