Friday, June 15, 2012

The last 48 (ish) hours

On Tuesday night Kristie from Fight Hard, Finish the Race and I met at one of my favorite restaurants in town: West Wing. If you live in the Spokane area and have not eaten at the West Wing, then you obviously aren’t living. It is the best Greek food EVER. The best part? Everything is choked full of garlic. Yummy, delicious garlic. The servers wear t-shirts saying “I Stink” which is a true statement. You reek of garlic upon leaving, but it is oh so good!

Getting back on track now. Meeting up with Kristie was so much fun! I hope that we can meet up more often. She recently just killed her 1/2 marathon last month and had a 5 minute PR. I am glad that I got to watch her run it- I thought that she looked amazing. She has a lot of talent that is just waiting to be unleashed!

The next day my husband calls me at work and asked me what I had for dinner the night before. I am on the verge of getting defensive when I told him that I had met Kristie at the West Wing (I told him multiple times I was going to, but men don’t seem to remember anything!) for dinner and wine. He then goes on to explain that something in the bedroom smelled really bad when he went to bed the night before. At first he thought it was socks (yes, his feet could kill someone!) and then he realized that it was me that smelled so bad. It wasn’t that I smelled bad, I actually smelled good because I smelled like garlic. Usually we go to West Wing together so we can stink at the same time. I don’t see how people can do lunch there and then go back to work……if Mr. Healthy Diva was complaining I must have really smelled awesome. Ha!

On Wednesday I had my first aqua jogging workout with Matt. To say I was slightly freaked out about this is an understatement. I felt like a huge goober, but at least he was in the pool with me so I didn't feel like everyone was staring at me. He definitely is much better at than me, but he has been doing aqua jogging for a long time. He had me wear AQx shoes in the pool. They felt weird, but definitely added some additional resistance that made it feel more like land based running. Matt said that it takes about 6 weeks to perfect the form so we plan on meeting at least once a week at the swimming pool for a while.

Thursday morning was an EPIC fail. Sometimes I don’t even know how I survive. I consider myself to be very organized and I am very type A. I tend to have borderline OCD. Most of you know my schedule has been jam packed with appointments. Not fun appointments, but appointments that will hopefully help me to avoid a Fasciotomy Surgery (VERY GRAPHIC PICS). I usually have had PT twice a week as well as seeing my chiropractor. I could have sworn, literally, that I had a 7:30 am PT appointment on Thursday. I got up early (4:45), caught up on reading some blogs and then got ready to go into work early so that I could make a 7:30 PT appointment. I started second guessing whether or not I had an appointment, but left my stupid planner at work so I couldn’t confirm. I make mad dash to get into my office by 6:30 am….to realize my next appointment is on Monday 6/18. FAIL.

I was kind of complaining to Matt about how my waistline had been expanding since Eugene so he sent me a spreadsheet to keep track of my food for a couple of days. After inputting my food items, it is very clear that I have been massively over eating. By the end of the day I was famished, because I am used to eating another 600 (ish) calories a day. I sent Mr. Healthy Diva a text that read "FML- my next snack is 90 minutes!". I honestly think that tracking my food MADE ME HUNGRIER! How does that happen?!

By the end of Thursday I was so mentally and physically exhausted. I live 2 miles away from work and yet I almost feel asleep on my way home. I was THAT tired. I got home a little before 4:00 pm, crawled into bed with the girls and slept for 90 minutes. I NEVER do that.

I sure hope I survive to see 4:00 pm today. #TGIFF

Questions for you:

Do you track your food? If so, how do you track it?
Ever had a day where you wondered where you put your brain?
Have any races or fun weekend plans?


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