Monday, June 18, 2012

Tracking Food

After complaining to Matt last week about how yucky I felt about my waistline he figured it might be a good idea for me to just track my food for a couple of work days and through the weekend. UGH. I knew that even though tracking is a huge chore, that it would be good to keep myself in check.

I started tracking on Thursday and the first thing that I instantly realized is that tracking food makes me hungrier! How does that happen?! I would find myself counting down the minutes until my next snack. I would text Mr. Healthy Diva and tell him I had exactly 90 minutes until my string cheese. What I did learn was that, YES, I was probably over eating. Of course I can't confirm that because I emailed Matt my spreadsheets last night. However, I think that I was easily eating 2000 (ish) calories a day. For my body frame that probably isn't a good idea when I am not running!

On the weekends it is easier for me to not snack so much because I am always on the go. Sitting at my desk all day makes me much hungrier. Hungry Tasha = Cranky Tasha.

I think that I did a great job of tracking everything I put into my mouth and at what time of the day. Here is my grand total:

Thursday 1595 calories
Friday 1241 calories *this didn't include wine tasting or the munchies that ensued :-(
Saturday 1536 calories
Sunday 1522 calories

I was a little embarrassed to email Matt what I had ate. I think I told him not to judge me. Ha. I am kind of scared/kind of looking forward to seeing what he has to say.....more to come!


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