Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Reading List

For multiple reasons, Mr. Healthy Diva and I decided to cancel our TV for the summer. Wanna know what? I don’t miss it! Of course I might change my opinion when season 2 of Smash starts…and Amazing Race. Those are my two favorite shows.

I have been watching Hell’s Kitchen on Hulu with some other random shows, but mostly I have been relaxing and reading books. Lots of books- I read two over the weekend! I decided to make a summer reading list to keep myself occupied. I know that once I start running again, I might not be as much into reading. Even though I am not running, I have devoted myself 150% into my rehab and healing process. I am biting at the bit to lace up my shoes! However, everyone keeps telling me I have to stick to the damn “plan” and then I will be able to run. Stupid plans! J

To keep myself occupied in my spare time so I don’t reminisce about running too much or so that I don’t drown in a glass of wine—I made an official summer reading list.

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12)
Jeneration X—COMPLETED
Wicked Appetite—COMPLETED
Wicked Business
All the Stephanie Plum books—COMPLETED #1 & #2

Looks like I will be busy being a bookworm all summer J

Questions for you:

Anyone else love to read? What are your favorite books?
What is the last great book you read that you would recommend for me to add to my list?
Do you have TV in your house? Ever cancel your TV for the summer?


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