Friday, March 2, 2012

TGIF & presents for me!

Happy Friday! I am excited to announce that we officially have had working wireless internet at our house for the past 24 hours. Hopefully it continues to work. The lady at Century Link got an ear full from my hubby the other night. I am sure that she could care less that he threatened to switch back to the dark side of Comcast.

Moving on….

Has anyone checked out the Brooks “sale” section lately? They have some great deals! I recently ordered some shorts and sports bras. I love everything that I ordered- Great colors and fit.

I had never ordered bra tanks before from Brooks because I wasn’t sure if they had pockets in them so I would always stock up on NIKE ones at the factory outlet. The Brooks tanks are 110% better than the NIKE bra tanks (NIKE you are really striking out on me lately!). They fit me much better and have good support (the Glycerins are padded!). They also have a pocket in the back that is large enough to hold a couple of gels or a house key. Depending on the style you order the back pocket is open on the top or it has a zipper. My favorite thing about the Brooks tanks (other than the pocket) is that they are longer than the NIKE tanks so I have better tummy coverage. I still don’t have a six pack yet!

1. Women's Epiphany Support Tank. Great tank for running- I wish that it came in more colors. It isn't padded like the Glycerin tank, but does have a back pocket (not zippered).

2. Women's Glycerin Support Tan. Love this bra tank...and yes it is padded! The back has a zippered pocket and I love the straps- very stylish!

3. Women's Glycerin Printed Bra Top II. Great fit! Also padded!

4. Women's Epiphany Stretch Short II. These shorts come in oodles of colors. I love how the waistband folds over and shows a cute color! I usually fold the top of my shorts over...anyone else do that too?

5. This is what the Epiphany short looks like with the waistband not folded over. 

If you haven’t tried out Brooks, I highly encourage you to check out their website. They make great, high quality running gear and shoes. They have AWESOME customer service, very reasonable pricing, and timely shipment of orders.  Most of their sizes do run smaller.  I usually order a medium in most things when other brands (NIKE or Adidas) I wear a size small.

I have been “running happy” in Brooks since 2002. J



  1. I adore my Brooks running shoes, but have yet to try any of their clothes, but I'm off to look at the sale section and see if anything strikes my fancy.

  2. I am a recent convert to Brooks shoes. I will have to check out the sale section too. How padded are their bras? I am the kind of girl that appreciates the padding! Love all the great stuff you found!

    1. Christy, I think the padding is perfect. Not too much at all. :-)

  3. I do not have any Brooks stuff and have been curious as to how different running brands stack up. I have Nike and Under Armor and haven't ventured over to any other apparel as of yet (I'm waiting till I stop nursing and shrink a little more in the "love handle" area). Thanks for the review, looks like they have some cute stuff!


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