Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Feet

I got home from work yesterday and had this waiting for me at my front door:

I could hardly contain my excitement and wished that the box didn’t have so much tape on it so I could just rip it open. I was long overdue for new running shoes and my feet were feeling severely punished. Note to self: If you want to “Run Happy” your feet have to be “happy”. J

Brooks Adrenaline

Brooks PureCadence

I had already run my easy 5 miles for the day, but couldn’t resist running a few extra easy miles in my new PureCadence. They are everything I had been dreaming about and so much more. I <3 them! 

The fit is perfect and they provide enough support for my knees and feet, but yet are so light. These blow the Nike Frees out of the water (sorry Nike). 

According to the Brooks website the PureCadence have great reviews, earning 4.5 out of 5 stars and receiving 98% positive feedback.

Lightweight (64)
Comfortable (59)
Cushions impact (45)
Responsive (43)
Arch support (35)
Narrow / tight (8)
Poor arch support (3)
Best Uses
Distance / endurance (39)
Dry conditions (33)
Gym (31)

You can check out the rest of the Brook’s PureProject line at by clicking here.

They come in some seriously stylish colors. I almost want to purchase these just for “cute” tennis shoes to wear with my jeans. What do you think?

I am looking forward to trying them out for some of my intervals and longer runs. Hopefully they will be a good shoe for me to wear at the Eugene Marathon……

PS- I ran 10.25 miles this morning including my 4 X 2 mile repeats and I am still loving the PureCadence!



  1. I love getting new shoes. The best!
    Thanks for the dinner tips in NOLA, I just need to be safe on Saturday night, then we can try great cajun on Sunday!

  2. They look awesome!I need to give Brooks a try.

  3. love new shoes!! I really want a pair of brooks pure connects

  4. Ahhh, new shoes! Don't you just love the smell of chemicals?!?!? :)

    I can't wear the Cadence because they're too narrow, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE their cousin, the Flows!

    Nice job on the run today, impressive! :)

  5. I adore the Pure Project shoes, I want them all! I have the Pure Flows and am so in love with them. I want them in every color. I was an asics girl but lately I have been running happy with Brooks :)

    Yes I am a farm girl :) are you? I love that you know the difference between a cow and a heifer. I still live next to the ranch I grew up on and feel so blessed.


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