Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blur of a week....

The weekend is almost over and I didn't do much, but lay around the house and try to rest. By Friday night at 8:00 pm, I was fighting to keep my eyes open. My hubby wanted to go out, but I wanted to crawl into bed. He went out and I slept (living the dream, big time!). I ended up sleeping over 12 hours! After I woke up on Saturday I had ZERO motivation. My hubby did manage to drag me out of the house to meet up with some friends for drinks and a concert. It was a fun night and I am glad that I decided to go out and see everyone.

I did some very "light" running on Saturday. It felt good to just stretch my legs out after the insane 400 repeats I did Friday night. My training schedule said I could spin or "jog" for 60 minutes. We don't have a spin bike yet and our gym membership has been cancelled so I just "jogged" for about 30 minutes and then called it good. That was as productive as I got on Saturday.

I am feeling great about the harder workouts and added mileage. I really feel like the switch I have made to Matt being my coach has been nothing but positive. My total mileage for the week was 53.89 (another mileage record for me!!!!!). The threshold workouts are getting easier for me, but those 4 X 2 mile repeats are still tough! I keep trying to compare them to Bloomsday, but it doesn't seem to work (It is all mental).

Today I had my last 19 mile run for my training plan. The next long runs are all 22 and 24 milers (eeeeek!!!!). I woke up to a BEAUTIFUL day so I was excited to be able to run outside. My first 9 miles were at my easy pace (8:00-8:30). I was spot on pace and ran an average of 8:02. The next 10 miles were at my marathon pace (7:20-7:30). I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to maintain the pace, but I nailed it....7:20 average pace. There were a couple of times where I thought "this sucks" I want to be done NOW, but even when I am tired, I know that is when I have to step it up another notch.

Right now I am feeling thankful on many levels. Thankful for my gift to run and the beautiful weather in Spokane today. I am also thankful for my compression sleeves, massage stick, and hot epsom salt bath. 50 mile weeks takes a toll on your body! :-)

This is how I am rocking my Sunday afternoon. Yep, I probably look like a dork! 

This next week will be my 4th week on my new training plan (only 8 more weeks until Eugene!). My mileage will be increasing a touch. I have some longer "long" runs on the schedule and my mile repeats will be getting longer. I can't wait for EUGENE!

Questions for you:

Did anyone do anything fun over the weekend?

How many people are running a spring marathon? Which one?

Happy Running everyone!



  1. Awesome running week! You've got feel good about this all around. Your highest mileage and ending it with an awesome mp run. Our runs sound very similar. Only sounds, like your last 10 was faster than mine. Isn't it hard to imagine running that pace for an entire marathon? I kept thinking afterwards about that.

    1. I still don't know how you fit in all of your mileage. I have zero free time! So far I have felt pretty good after all of my long far. I might retract that comment after my 22 & 24 mile training runs!

  2. nice job, you speedy girl!! I had a pretty good weekend, we went out on a double date last night, but I was happy to have some lazy time this weekend too

  3. Great week of running Tasha! I can't wait to see how awesome your marathon will be. I am indeed running my first marathon in May and can't wait. I'm doing the Wisconsin Marathon in May!!

    1. Good luck Donna!!!! I'm sure you will do amazing! The first marathon always leads to a second :-)

  4. Wow, that's some great mileage girl....glad the new plan/coach are falling into place and you are freaking nailing those runs. 19 miles with many at MP is fantastic! I'm so excited for you in Eugene, it's going to go so well!

    I'm doing the Denver Colfax Marathon in May...but just as a training run :).

    1. Thanks, I'm excited for Eugene! I've heard great things about the Denver Colfax marathon. I admire anyone who uses a marathon for a training run.


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