Monday, February 6, 2012

What a week!

Last week flew by! I had an off training week- I didn't complete my scheduled workouts and I did ZERO lifting. I also didn't do any JM Six Week 6 Pack workouts. I start training for Eugene this week, DREAMING BIG!

Monday: A very easy run with Maisy. My stupid Garmin froze so we winged it and ran a neighborhood. Ended up with 2.87 miles

Tuesday: My first appointment with my Chiropractor, Dr. Ray at Sicilia Chiropractic. Appointment went great, you can read about it here. Was hoping to get in a longer run, but ended up with another easy 2.3 miles.

Wednesday: Took the day off. I felt like my body needed a breather.

Thursday: Easy cross training

Friday: Easy 5....Nixed the tempo run

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: 16 mile progression run. I wasn't sure how my knee or hip would feel so I figured as long as I got 10 miles in I would be good. I felt GREAT so I kept on going. I love it when I have workouts like this because it gives me that boost of confidence that I lack a lot when it comes to my running. Days like this make me think that I need a coach, but I am sure that my hubby would not spring for that expense.

After looking at my splits I am pretty impressed with how well I handled the negative splits. Each mile except for #4 & #5 were faster than the previous. I think that progression runs might just be my favorite workout! This run also marks the longest I have EVER run on my treadmill. You wanna know what? It wasn't bad at all! I actually enjoyed it. I made a new play list on my Amazon Cloud Player so I was rockin' out and the miles flew by.

Avg Pace

Total weekly mileage: 33 miles

Questions for you:

Do you have a coach? Has a coach helped you progress with your running? Has it been worth the expense? Are you coached through an online program?

Do you like progression runs? If not, what is your favorite long run workout?



  1. Haven't been coached since high school and I have thought about maybe hiring a coach but maybe not till I'm training for a 2nd marathon, this would also have to be ok'd with the hubs first. Love progression runs, my favorite, makes me feel like I accomplish something each mile I run and I have to make a conscience effort to not run progressively all the time.

  2. Oh and super awesome 16 miler!! Your so quick!! Hopefully one day I can be this fast, I'm dreaming really BIG!

  3. Thanks Kris! Have a great training week...see ya on Sunday :-)

  4. holy cow, tasha. that is a great progression run. you nailed it. I love progression runs. I actually have one planned for this weekend...we'll see. It won't look like yours, that is for sure but I think you have me convinced to do it on the treadmill so I have more control over my paces. NICE work!!!

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  6. seriously, i'm looking at your splits again... crazy AMAZING last 5 miles. Totally inspiring.

    1. Thanks Julie. I think I'm running better because for the first time in months I'm running pain free. Today was my first day of training for Eugene...I still can't believe I signed up for another marathon. I must be crazy, lol. I will say I think progression runs are my favorite. You will do awesome on yours!!! Hey what's the link to your blog again? Isn't it private now?


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