Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My groovin' tunes!

I have mentioned before that I rarely or never wear my IPOD when I am running outside. The main reason for this is safety, but also because I find any brand of headphone to be annoying. They NEVER stay in my ears and I spend more time and waste more energy fiddling with them. I am sure my long runs outside would go by much faster if I had some tunes, but instead I use this time to clear my head and do some deep thinking. J

One of the reasons why my last two long runs on my treadmill (15 & 16 miles) were so bearable was because of my tunes. My treadmill has both an IPOD dock and a speaker port so that I can listen to music on my cell phone.

On my 15 mile run I listened to slacker radio on my cell phone to the “hit 90s” station. It is my current obsession. Who doesn’t love a little Ace of Base or TLC???? On my 16 mile run I created a 40 song playlist on my Amazon Cloud Player. This was the first time I have utilized this feature and it was great. Made my run completely bearable.
So, what tunes get me through a long treadmill run???? Here are my top picks that got me groovin’ on the mill….

1.       Lady Gaga                           Alejandro
2.       Ass Back Home                   Gym Class Heroes
3.       Cheers (Drink to that)            Rihanna
4.       God is a DJ                          P!nk
5.       Got 2 Luv U                         Sean Paul
6.       International Love                 Pitbull
7.       Last Friday Night                 Katy Perry
8.       Looks like Sex                     Mike Posner
9.       Loud Music                          Michelle Branch
10.   Magic                                  B.o.B
11.   Meet me halfway                  Black Eyed Peas
12.   Moves like Jagger                Maroon 5
13.   Mr. Know it all                     Kelly Clarkson
14.   Rain Over Me                      Pitbull
15.   Set Fire to the Rain             Adele
16.   We weren’t born to follow       Bon Jovi
17.   Wild Ones                          Flo Rida
18.   You da one                         Rihanna
19.   Take Care                           Drake
20.   Stereo Hearts                     Gym Class Heroes

Questions for you:

Do you listen to music when you run outside?
What is your favorite workout music?



  1. Do I have to give up my Man Card if I say I like to listen to Coldplay and OneRepublic?

  2. I don't listen to music when I run outside because my cat ate my headphones!! Before he did that I listened to music on about 30% of my runs. I really like Techno when I'm running...haha, or something to dance to or Metallica, lol. Yeah I don't really have a specific preference other than it has to be something that makes you want to move and is NOT country.


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