Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sicilia Chiropractic

For most people that follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I have been have some issues with my knee and back over the last couple of months. The symptoms started to get worse in my knee so I knew that I needed to do something about the pain ASAP. After visiting my massage therapist last weekend she recommended that I schedule an appointment with a Chiropractor. I spent the weekend doing some research on different Chiropractors in Spokane because I wanted to make an educated decision and wanted someone who has positive results/patient feedback and has a strong background in treating sports related injuries. I choose Dr. Ray at Sicilia Chiropractic for just those reasons. It doesn’t hurt that he is also continually voted one of the top Chiropractors for the Spokane/CDA community. 

After I made my appointment to say that I was nervous is an understatement. I was FREAKED out! I didn’t know what to expect and I won’t lie, I am kind of a little baby. All of my co-workers and friends were reassuring me that everything would be okay and that it wouldn’t hurt, but I was still a bundle of nerves. J

My first appointment couldn’t have gone better and I was happy to hear from Dr. Ray (who really is fabulous!!!) that he was pretty sure he could help me. He immediately put me to ease- maybe he could tell I was a complete basket case?! He did an excellent job of explaining what my injury was and how to treat it.

As I had originally thought my knee & hip flexor pain was stemming from my sore back. What did surprise me was learning that I had several (like 4? I don't remember now) old compound fractures in my vertebrae. This has now caused my spinal cord to curve which in turn has rotated my right up more forward and about an inch higher than my left hip. Sheeesh, I guess I am more of a mess than I had originally thought!

He did some adjustments on my back, shoulders, neck, hips, and knee on the first appointment. It felt so WEIRD, but didn’t hurt. He gave me some stretches, told me to ice my lower back and then also recommended that I invest in an inversion table.

I was a little sore, but felt pretty good on my way home. I was so excited that he said he could help me that I forgot to ask him some important questions of exercise “dos & don’ts”. Dr. Ray said light running was okay, but I didn’t ask him into depth what that meant and I didn’t ask him if I could lift weights. With that being said, I opted to not to do my JM video when I got home or work out the next morning. I wanted to ensure that I wasn’t undoing anything!

The next morning (Wednesday) when I woke up I felt like a rockstar. I was able to get out of bed without hobbling around for the first time in weeks. During the work day I didn’t feel stiff after sitting for long periods of time either. I know that I won’t be fixed over night, but I could tell the difference in my knee almost immediately after seeing Dr. Ray.

At my appointment on Wednesday I was able to get questions to the answers that had arose the previous night. I feel confident that this little bump in the road will not affect my fitness and that I will come out of this experience a better runner. I have already started to take glucosamine and my vitamins every day. I know that I should have been taking vitamins prior to all of this so I know I will need to remember to make it part of my daily routine.

I am anxiously waiting for the okay to begin my marathon training (EUGENE!) and to start playing with all of my kettle bells that I got in the mail yesterday. I do know, however, that my body needs this time to recover so that I can accomplish everything that I dream about. This is MY year and I WILL DREAM BIG!

Questions for you:

Anyone else go to a chiropractor? Were you freaked out the first time?

Does anyone else use an inversion table? If so, what brand do you have? There are tons on Amazon and I want to make sure I get the right one!



  1. well as you husband IS a I sleep with mine;)! ha ha...
    I still don't like getting my neck adjusted but i've learned to trust. it helps me so much. I see my coach john for any training pains.

  2. I started seeing a chiro last fall on the advice of my PTs. I don't have any major issues, but my pelvis occasionally gets rotated the wrong way & getting that adjusted every now and then REALLY helps me. And yes, I was SUPER nervous the first time, but he was great. :)

  3. I'm so glad he helped you! I've been to the chiro, but never for running related stuff specifically (I've been in two car accidents).

    I hope to spectate Eugene! Good luck with your training, speedy.


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