Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crestline Gym is in session!

This morning marked my first workout in the Crestline Gym! I was dead tired when I woke up because we were up until 11:30 last night putting together my new treadmill. There are a lot of pieces and screws to a treadmill! Being excited about using my new kettle bells far outweighed being tired so I pulled myself out of bed at 5 am (today is going to be a LONG day!).

My workout from start to finish was 60 minutes. I did very light lifting and modified what I typically will be doing for a Thursday session. It feels good to be getting back into the swing of things, but do realize that I need to be realistic and back off if ANYTHING starts to bother me.

My warm up also wasn’t the real deal, but it was icy on our street and I didn’t want to slip. At least we have a good street lamp by our driveway and I had the road to myself. J

Side lunges w/resistance band
Straight leg w/resistance band
Straight leg walking backwards w/resistance band
Low side lunges w/resistance band
20 push ups
Side shuffle
High knees
Butt Kicks
Jump rope X 50
20 push ups
Jump rope X 50
Bicycle crunches X 50

Using my HITT interval timer on my cell phone I set rounds of 30/10. I also had some of my groovin’ tunes.

Tricep dips
Single arm row- both sides
V crunches
Skull crusher- 2 x 25 lb kettle bell, 1 x 30 lb kettle bell
*repeated  3 X

Squat curl- 30 lb kettle bell
Bicycle crunches
Suitcase squat- 35 lb kettle bell
*repeated 3 X

Tricep pushups
Single arm press- both sides, laying on mat- 25 lb kettle bell
Single leg lifts
Alternating toe touches
Bicycle crunches
*repeated 3 X

Yes, more than likely I will be sore tomorrow since I haven’t done in real lifting in well over a week. Good thing tomorrow is Friday!

Questions for you:
Anyone else have their own home gym?



  1. I don't have my own home gym, I am much more dedicated if I have to drive somewhere....still, I do 35 minutes tops and I'm pooped. I must stop being so wimpy! Nice workout!!! :)

  2. I do not have my own home gym, just a couple of hand weights. Wish I did! Sounds like you got an awesome workout :)


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