Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Having no internet = no fun. You don’t realize how much you use it until you don’t have it. I did, however, just learn yesterday that I can use my Droid Razr for internet by plugging it in my hubby's laptop with my USB cord. Who would have known? So, I have "spotty" internet in the interim. By "spotty" I mean that if the 4G bleeps out, so does my internet. It also means that I still can't upload my Garmin data from last week because I don't get 4G in the basement where our desktop computer is. UGH.

Since I was MIA last week I didn’t post a training recap so I am going to combine the last 2 weeks. In a nutshell it was a great 14 days! I ran a lot, a lot more than I ever have before. My body has responded well to my new training plan and the higher mileage. I am really enjoying my 2 days during the week where I have an easy run.

My current plan looks something like this:
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Easy 5 miles, cross training
Wednesday: Mile repeats at my current threshold pace
Thursday: Easy 5 miles, cross training
Friday: Easy 5 miles + shorter intervals above current threshold pace
Saturday: Spin or easy 60 minute run
Sunday: Long run

Last week I ran over 50 miles.  Another record for me- I haven’t run that much in one week since college. By the end of my 19 miler on Sunday my feet were literally killing me. Double kudos to all of you ladies out there run 60-70 + miles a week. I honestly don’t know how you do it! Thank goodness for cute ballet flats and UGG slippers.

I should have some cute new running shoes by this afternoon. I am hoping that my feet will be happier.

Adrenaline (<3 the pink!)
Source: www.brooksrunning.com 

Can't wait to try out the PureCadence!
 Source: www.brooksrunning.com

Questions for you:

Do you notice that your feet hurt the more miles you run or do you think my feet hurt because I needed new shoes?

Do you love the new Adrenaline color as much as me???



  1. The adrenalines are pretty! I love the Brooks Pure Flows, I just got them a couple weeks ago in black and blue, now I want them in purple too. I have never run more than 44 miles in a week, but I don't think my feet hurt. Maybe you just need new shoes!

    1. Pretty sure I did need new shoes. I really like the purple PureFlows- I might get them for just cute shoes to wear with jeans.

  2. I have not run more than 10 and that was 5 weeks ago, I did notice my feet hurt more when I run on a treadmill. In fact I noticed lots of different issues when running on a treadmill, hoping that gets better since I'm cross training more. The colors are super cute!! Makes me want some Brooks...but I just bought new shoes, maybe next time! Awesome mileage last week!! Great job!!

    1. I hope you get better soon! Decide on a marathon yet? You should do Portland- its a great first marathon and I think I'm signing up for it.


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