Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank you 2011...and a WINNER

2011, you were good to me. 2012, it is going to be hard to surpass what I just accomplished in the last 12 months. Over the last year I have met an amazing group of people who have pushed me to be a better person and have encouraged me when I needed it the most. I have (hands down) the most incredible trainer/coach out there. Amy Black, thank you...thank you...thank you!!!!!!!!

I started out 2011 looking like this:

New Year's Day 2011

Go ahead, you can say it. I was FAT! I weighed 165.4 freaking pounds! How does one do that to themselves?

I ended 2011 looking like this: 

NYE 2012

Went from a size 12 to a size 0/2

Working on getting some muscles

Look @ my little pea shooters!

The incredible shrinking Healthy Diva (in inches):

DateWeightR. ArmL. ArmWaistHipsR. LegL. Leg
1/11/2011       165.4121230.25           4326.2526.25
3/18/20119.759.7527.25       39.52323
4/19/20119.59.527       38.522.522.5
8/23/2011          9.59.5             27          372222
12/15/2011          129       9.259.2526.25          3720.520.5

My original chest measurement on 1/11/11 was 36.75 inches.  My last chest measurement was on 4/19 and it was 33.75 inches. FLAB decided not to continue chest measurements after April. Total inches lost from my chest was 3.0.

Grand total inches lost.....30 inches!!!!!
KaShan is the winner with her guess of 26 inches. KaShan email me your address at and I will send you your prize. Great guesses everyone. :-)

Race stats: Can you say PR?

DateRace   Previous Time   2011Difference  NOTES
6/11/2011Helvetia 1/21:59:251:36:3123:06*New 1/2 PR
9/12/2011Sunday Sundae1:18:231:15:473:24*New course PR
10/9/2011Spokane 1/21:41:561:35:286:28*New 1/2 PR
10/16/2011Girlfriends 1/2N/A1:33:55N/A*New 1/2 PR
12/4/2011CIMPDX 2008- 3:37:523:21:3516:17*BQ!!!! **New Full PR

All of my medals from 2011



Some of my race numbers from this year. No, I didn't run "Sundae Sunday" twice...#557 was from Newman Lake...the BRRC "recycles" numbers.

2011 is the year that I got my life back. I decided to put myself first and pour every ounce of energy into become a healthier person. My goals started out small- lose weight, eat healthier, and get fit. As the year progressed along with my level of fitness my goals and dreams got bigger. At 165.4 lbs, I couldn't fathom running a 5K, let a lone a marathon!  ANYONE can do what I just accomplished. ANYONE.

I am ready and excited for 2012. It is going to be another great year and hopefully full of new and amazing accomplishments.



  1. Amazing! Simply amazing!! Looking forward to seeing what this year brings!

  2. Wow!! Way to go Tasha and you look amazing!! Hoping my 2012 is going to be a PR year and to get my waist back, majority of my weight has come off the only thing left is my waist/ love handles, once I stop nursing I'll be able to really go hard on my workouts and calorie counting. Thanks for being such an inspiration!! Your 2012 is going to rock!!

  3. Wow! I honestly couldn't even tell you weighed what you did last January from the before-photo you used. You worked so hard and I bet you feel as amazing as you look! Congratulations!

  4. Amazing!! freaking amazing. You are only just beginning!!

  5. INCREDIBLE!!! and i'm so mad at myself.i was going to guess like 35-30 Inches but I felt bad b/c everyone else guessed so low and then if I was wrong it would look like I was calling you fat! lol...what an idiot I am. ha ha ...

  6. i wouldn't say you were fat before, but you have had an AMAZING year of achievements. i can't even imagine how proud you must be. i lost the same amount of weight, but i was slow about it :) your way is better

  7. Haha Nicole! I wouldn't have been offended at all!!!! Your guess was pretty good though :)

  8. wow, tasha. that is crazy amazing. i had no idea you had such a big weight/inches loss. so inspiring. You had a great year!! Cheers to an even better 2012!


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