Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE 2012 and the "Hangover Handicap"

Did the typical NYE night out....dinner, friends and good wine. Didn't feel like trotting all over downtown Spokane to pay ridiculous cover charges at the bars so we opted to go home and grab the girls and take them to Starbucks. Unfortunately our 24 hour Starbucks was closed at 11:30 so we weren't able to get our treats. My quick thinking hubby drove across the street and bought the girls whip cream and us ice cream bars. We drove downtown to watch the fireworks and eat our treats. It was a perfect way to end 2011 and start 2012. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

All dressed up and ready to celebrate 2011

Momma and her girls watching the fireworks

On NY day they have a 5 mile "Hangover Handicap" race in CDA. I have always wanted to run, but never have been able to get out of bed in time to make the trek. This year I made it! After 4 hours of sleep I rolled out of bed, ate some oatmeal and consumed an insane amount of coffee before heading out the door. My plan was to use the 5 miles as a tempo run. I got to CDA and ran 7 miles, getting done just in time to make it to the race start. It was COLD!!!! I didn't feel much of my feet for the whole race. I wanted to run at least 7:00 min miles, finishing in 35 minutes. Instead I finished in 34 minutes flat 6:47/mile. I was the 3rd female and 23rd overall out of 575 participants. The best part about beating a lot of men was that they got beat by the girl in a skirt that they tried to block out at the starting line. Ha! Take that!

I woke up my hubby so he could take a picture of me :-) I am sporting the running skirt that I made...I thought it looked festive enough for NY day. 

The rest of Sunday was spent on my couch...reading and working on a new scarf. My husband did drag me off of the couch long enough to get dinner at Qdoba. How can I say no to that?! On the way home he asked me what my time had been in the race. I said 34 minutes....his eyes got really big and then he said "so you like ran 6:40/miles???!!!". Yep, yep I did!

Questions for you:

What did you do on NYE?

Did anyone else participate in a New Year's Day run?

Does anyone else love Qdoba as much as me (I eat there at least 1x per week, sometimes 2x)?



  1. NYE was super mellow for me just has an evening with my hubby and lil one and actually went to bed at 11:30 because I was too tired, totally lame...I know. I wanted to do the Hangover race but this year it was not going to happen next year hopefully. Did run 8 miles on New Years day though.

  2. sounds like the perfect NYE. We had a bunch of friends over and had a party here. we had a blast! CONGRATS, tasha, on the race. amazing time! You are inspiring.


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