Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 Goals

I think that it might be hard to top what I accomplished in 2011. I started the year, overweight, unhappy, unmotivated, full of excuses, in denial....the list could go on forever.

I am keeping my goals for the upcoming year simple. I have already accomplished more than I could have imagined in 2011....Here is to a GREAT year! Bring it 2012 :-)

Goals for 2012:

Run 2000 miles. That is approximately 41 miles per week. This is a VERY lofty goal. I am going to trust Daily Mile to keep me on track. The Garmin will be getting a workout!

Finally get that six pack of abs! Jillian M: you and I will become great friends over the next 12 months

PR in every distance (5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon and marathon)

Be more diligent in lifting weights on my own, even if it is only once a week

Don't forget to enter my "Incredible shrinking Healthy Diva" contest...It ends tonight!!!!!



  1. I just read your running story Tasha! very inspiring!!! I am excited to see what you do with 2012!!!!

  2. What great goals! No doubt you can do it. :)
    It's been fun getting to know you through your blog. Take care!

  3. Great goals girl! You can easily do all of these. Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for you. You have some talent that's for sure!! I want to see you race some track the mile and half mile. Enter some of those indoor college track meets!!

  4. Nicole-- Thank you! I am excited to hear what you accomplish in 2012 too! There are so many inspiring female runners out there and you are one of them. I love reading your blog. Can't wait to hear about your new coach and your Boston training. You go girl!

    Amanda-- I love your idea about running some track races. I have actually thought about it, but I am too much of a chicken!!!! At least in a road race people don't stare at you the whole time. A track makes you vulnerable, especially when you are getting lapped by some young 20 something. :-) Maybe I will hit up some community college meets because I would love to see what I could do.


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