Monday, January 30, 2012

Slacking off....

I have been such a slacker this week! I was really busy at work since returning from vacation. When I got home I was too pooped to do anything productive. Recovering from vacation is hard work! L
I was able to get in some great training this week AND I signed up for a spring marathon.....

Sunday: 15 mile progressive run on the treadmill. Yes, this was VERY boring- I do not recommend running this far on a treadmill! However, I felt great. I was originally going to run 10, then 12, then 14 which ended in 15. I could have run further, but I couldn’t stand another second of the mill. My average pace was 7:08 with my last 4 miles in--- 6:54, 6:43, 6:30, & 6:22.

I had been contemplating signing up for Eugene and this run sealed the deal for me. I signed up for the Eugene Marathon first thing Monday morning. J

Tuesday: First day of cross training with a new trainer at the Spokane Club. It went pretty good! It was a little disorganized, but I am confident that she will get the kinks worked out. 

Wednesday: Opted for just an 8 mile run on the mill and no workout. I felt like at this point there is no need for 2 hard workouts a week since I don’t begin my real marathon training for another couple of weeks.

Thursday: Cross training at the club. I don't think I will be continuing this class very much longer. We are in the process of adding on to our at home gym. 

Friday: Tempo run in the morning with some light weight lifting. The run felt pretty good, but I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time. Yuck!

After work I intended to take Maisy for a short 3 mile run with me. It got dark sooner than I was anticipating so Maisy only got to go for 1.5 miles and I ran the other 1.5 on the treadmill.

Saturday: Off

Sunday: I was really dreading running for some reason. Just wasn’t really feeling it so I waited until the last minute to head out the door at 3pm.  I wanted to run at least 10, but figured that 12 miles would be best. My watch died at mile 6.3 so I had to wing it for the rest of my run. I really do rely on my Garmin too much! At that point I was worried that I wouldn’t hit 12 miles so I added an extra neighborhood loop and ended up with 13.09 miles. I was glad that I got my run in, but felt like it was a real struggle to finish it. Yuck!

Looking forward to another great week of training!

Total mileage (Sunday-Sunday): 46.29 miles



  1. Holy crap! I can't get over your speed girl! You pull off these 6:xx miles like no bodies business.....i WISH I could do that! good job!

  2. Wow - that is an awesome run. Especially on a treadmill! I can't imagine doing fifteen miles on the misery machine. You are a rockstar!!


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