Wednesday, February 1, 2012

JM's Six Week 6 Pack

I mentioned in the beginning of the year that I wanted to work on my abs, specifically I would love a 6-pack. I suppose even a 3-pack would be nice at this point. I purchased the Jillian Michael’s “Six Week 6-Pack” on after the first of the year. This DVD contains 2 separate workouts. The first workout is for weeks 1-3, the second workout is for weeks 4-6. She says to get the best results you should complete her 35 minute routine at least 5 times a week. The routine isn’t difficult, but you really feel it after a couple of days!

Sunday 1/22: My first workout with JM! It was right after my dreadfully long 15 mile run on the mill. I would say that I wa less than impressed, but figured day 1 shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Monday 1/23: I took Monday off as it was my rest day and I felt like I really needed that after my workout the day before. It was also my first day back at work following my vacay so I wanted to ease myself back into reality.

Tuesday 1/24: I followed the same 35 minute routine. I felt like it needed some minor tweaks for me to get the full effect. A couple of the moves were just not working for me.

Wednesday 1/25: Tweaked the routine and substituted some of JM’s moves for my own. Holy, moly OUCH! Definitely got in a GREAT ab workout.

Thursday 1/26: Abs were on FIRE!!!!!

Friday 1/27: Started to feel more comfortable with JM’s moves and felt like I was able to pick up the pace quite a bit.

Saturday-Sunday: OFF

So far this week, I have completed the routine on Monday. I am already noticing a difference! I, however, should note that my results might be skewed since I have still kept the abs routine I was doing prior to JM AND I swapped out some of JM’s moves for my own.



  1. Its a great work out Nicole---super cheap on amazon :-)

  2. New follower here...I just got three of her videos as well! 30 day shred, ripped in 30 and yoga meltdown. Its tough but not too bad...although I haven't gotten to the level three yet! We'll see. Looking forward to reading.

  3. Thanks for the follow Annette. I might have to invest in those additional JM videos. She is hardcore! :-)

  4. Thanks for the tag! Have to admit I got 30 day shred and was so sore the next couple of days I haven't gone back! Guess I have to get over that uncomfortable period...

  5. ok if this video works for you i am purchasing asap!


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