Monday, January 30, 2012

NOLA in pictures

NOLA was insane and nothing that I had pictured in my mind. I was told that it was filthy dirty and that was exactly correct. It was the dirtiest city I have been in, BUT it was the funnest city I have been in. I did an insane amount of walking so at least I got my exercise in.

The main thing that I learned in NOLA???? Vegas is for amateurs, NOLA is for professionals! :-)

Our hotel was in the French Quarter and was historic. Everything about it was small, including the door to our room. I could barely fit through it and I weigh 128 pounds! LOL

At first, we walked past Bourbon Street because not all of the streets were marked. Thank goodness for cell phone navigation since my hubby didn't want to take the map from the hotel. 

Who Dat Nation?! A house on Bourbon Street--clearly already prepared for Mardi Gras!

The LA Supreme Court

Jackson Square (I learned in cooking class that the Louisiana Purchase was signed here)

Art for sale in Jackson Square

My party outfit that I bought on Bourbon Street :-)

Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District

Cool hotel lobby we walked past

Street performer by Jackson Square

Extras on the movie set of "Now You See Me" staring Morgan Freeman & Isla Fisher

Beads everywhere! They even had Oregon Ducks beads!

Masks everywhere too!

Where I took my cooking class...which was amazing! I highly recommend this if you ever go to NOLA. It was my first time ever eating gumbo or creole food.

Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo

Chicken Creole

My favorite funny t-shirt

Goodbye NOLA! Time to go home :-(



  1. Looks like a super cool place to visit!! My hubby and I will visit soon since he is Saints fan :)

  2. Oh, your hubby will love NOLA!!!! They are Saints crazy down there! :-)


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