Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas week in review

I was so busy last week getting ready for Christmas and our trip to Oregon. I felt like my list kept on getting longer and that I was making no headway on anything. I always get into a frenzy before a big roadtrip because I don't want to forget anything. It must be the OCD in me. :-)

Monday: Day off. It was needed rest. My knee was really bothering me.

Tuesday: Woke up to an immense amount of knee pain. Not good! Didn't go to class for the fear I would make my knee worse. Went to spin class after work, but did my own workout. I hope that the instructor wasn't mad at me! Did some lifting after spin, but only upper body.

Wednesday: An easy, very easy 5 miles on the treadmill. Kept it simple. Knee felt better, but not 100%.

Thursday: Made it to class. Knee was still bothering me, but seemed to be better. I modified 75% of the workout and did nothing involving lateral movements or jumping. Felt okay after class, definitley nothing worse. Went to spin after work. It was the hardest spin class to date- I LOVED IT!

Friday: I ran a total of 6 miles---PAIN FREE! My plan was to run 2 miles at a relatively easy pace to feel my knee out. If it felt good then I would add some 800 repeats in, but back off if the speed was bothersome. Completed 4 X 800s with no pain and a smile. The workout was nothing spectacular, but it was the first speed workout I have done in almost a month.
WU- 2miles
4 X 800
CD- 2 miles

I wanted to try and eek in a couple more miles before we left for Oregon Friday afternoon, but with packing the car and finishing my baking I had no time. At least 6 miles is better than nothing.

Saturday: A wonderful 5 miles on the beach and through the state park. It was a gorgeous Christmas Eve morning.

Sunday: A not so gorgeous 10 miles run in insane wind gusts and a torrential downpour. It was a workout and then some, but I felt satisfied with myself for sticking it out! It meant more homemade cherry pie for me!

Total Weekly Mileage: 26
Spin classes: 2
TRX: 0

I am feeling really behind in everything right now. I am behind on reading your blogs, I am behind in cleaning my house, I am behind on my monthly chore list, I am behind in training for Houston. I am just behind!

For this next week, I  hope to get caught up on the little things. I hope that I can take a deep breath so I don't feel like I am drowning anymore. I also hope to increase my mileage a touch more. 26 miles was the most I have ran for almost a month and it felt pretty good! This next week I hope to be in the 30-35 range. I plan on gradually increasing over the next couple of weeks to see how it goes. I am at that point where I am trying to decide if I run better at lower mileage or higher mileage. I think 50-55 miles per week would be max, but maybe it will be 45 miles.


  1. Don't fret about being behind. just be where you are and that is enough. :) We all love you anyway. I'm horribly behind on blogs. I think 50-55 would serve you well. Sounds like you have some major fast twitch muscles going on certainly have that aspect working for you. Doing 800's at sub 3:00 says that you've got something stored up in there waiting to come out. Especially if this is on a "nothing special" kind of day. Have you ever raced 10ks?? or shorter distances much? I can't remember if you said you were on a college team...I think you were.

  2. Thanks Amanda. :-)
    It has been forever since I raced a 10k or even a 5K so I hope to do a couple in 2012. I did a 10K trail run in July, but I am not much of a trail runner so I don't think my time reflects what I could run on the road. Trail running is hard work!
    I did run in college, mostly middle distance and cross. Nothing specatular. I am in better shape now than I was back in college.

  3. I feel behind too, that's just the holiday season. Don't worry you'll catch up soon enough, plus your knee needed some rest and I believe its better to rest and recover early than keep going and cause an even bigger injury later. I haven't ran in 3 days now, ekk , but Miss Bean has been teething and I have not got much sleep, hoping to do 5 today :)

  4. seriously agree wtih Amanda on this. I have only ran one sub 3:00 800 EVER! I hate 800's!! your times are amazing!


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