Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you stay hydrated during the winter?

Even during the winter months it is important to stay hydrated! Check out this great informational blog from Nuun by clicking here.

Nuun is currently running a great promo on their website. The current offer is $20 for 4-packs of Nuun and 3-packs of U-Hydration. This is only valid until the end of this year through the nuun webstore. Please visit the Nuun webstore by clicking on the Nuun link to the right and check out all of their awesome flavors. I am a strawberry lemonade & fruit punch kind of girl. :-)

According to Nuun here are 5 tips to help you stay hydrated and performing your best during the winter months: 

Start Out Hydrated to Stay Hydrated
Two hours before your exercise drink 16-20 oz.
30-minutes before drink 8-16 oz.
Each 15 minutes during performance drink 4-6 oz.
Know Your Sweat Rate and Replenish for Water Lost
Pre-weigh in for a baseline.
Post-weigh in to determine body water lost.
Consume 20-24 oz of water with Nuun for each pound lost.
Have a Hydration Plan
Use your sweat rate log to prepare your hydration plan in advance of your exercise or event, and keep clothing minimum necessary for protection.
Prevent Hyponatremia
Use Nuun if you are exercising more than one hour.
Drink 16 oz of Nuun for each hour of exercise.
By simply replacing electrolytes you will prevent hyponatremia.

What is your favorite nuun flavor? 


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