Tuesday, September 27, 2011

*Blood. Sweat. Sparkle*

I was very excited that my Team Sparkle skirt came in the mail yesterday. If you haven't heard of Team Sparkle, you should check out their website at: Team Sparkle. Their skirts are sassy & fashionable.

I first learned about Team Sparkle through a blog that I follow called {Will Run For Margaritas}. Not only did Melody rave about how cool the skirts are, she was totally rocking hers at Hood to Coast. I knew that I had to have a skirt- I wanted to be a part of Team Sparkle! The problem with Team Sparkle is that all of the skirts are so cute, I couldn't decide which color to get! I finally decided after staring at them on my computer screen for a week to get the pink sparkle skirt. Since pink seems to be my staple color, I figured that it would be the best choice for my first purchase.

After receiving my first skirt, I already know that I will be ordering more. Not only is the skirt awesome & sassy, but the girls at Team Sparkle offer outstanding customer service. It only took a couple of days for me to receive my skirt. Since I prefer instant gratification this made me very happy. I ordered a size small and it fit me perfectly. I even wore it around my house and it was comfortable. I can't wait to actually run in it! Technically, I was going to save it for the Girlfriend's 1/2 Marathon in Portland on 10.16, but I think I might have to break it out for the Spokane 1/2 Marathon on 10.9. Or....I could order another color for Girlfriends....hmmmmm. :-)

When you are checking out the Team Sparkle website (because I know you will) look at their DIY running costume ideas listed in their blog section. I <3 them all, but I really want to be Sleeping Beauty.

Yay! My very first *Team Sparkle* skirt!



  1. Awesome!! I want to get one too...I'm thinking lime green. I heard of them from the blog Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal :)

  2. That will look awesome and you will get tons of attention!! It looks like we are pretty close to each other was looking at that Spokane half!

  3. Jess- You should run the Spokane 1/2, its a great course! Pretty challenging towards the end. Have you ever ran Bloomsday before? If you have then part of the 1/2 course is the same with Doomsday Hill about mile 9. This will be my 3rd year running it, but this year it will be a training run. Let me know if you decide to sign up.

    Kris- Get a skirt! They are so cute! My best friend in Oregon and her running partner ordered skirts today. I am sure that we will all be wearing them at Girlfriend's in a couple of weeks. :-)


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