Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday I had no energy. I didn't feel like running, even though I knew that I had too. My hubby is in St. Louis for work all week so that means that the girls are really needy this week. I feel bad that they are home alone longer than usual. Not for just 1 day, but for 5 days. I decided to do some painting in our house with the hubby gone. Maisy decided that it would be a great idea to rip off all of the painters tape that took me 45 minutes to put up. She proceeded into chewing the tape into little pieces and "decorating" our living room with it. This happened on Tuesday. All I was thinking was "great, only day 2 and I get this???"

I decided to not go to the gym in the morning so that I could stay home for 2 more extra hours with the girls. I really didn't feel like coming home to another mess to clean up. Unfortunately this also meant that I would have to run after work, which I really prefer not to have to do. After a long day at work I like to go home and relax, cook dinner, and maybe sit in the hot tub. Instead, I had to run 6 X 800 meter repeats at 2:58 with 90 seconds of recovery. Definitely not the workout I was looking forward to running. much longer can I put this workout off??? ;-)

I got home and did a few things around the house trying to put off the workout as long as I could. Thankfully the girls had left no mess for me to clean up. Finally at 5:00 pm I figured I should head up to the track. Other than being tired, the weather was a perfect 62 degrees, I can't complain about that! I got to the track and ran a 20 minute warm up around the surrounding streets and then did some stretching. I may have stretched longer than usual because I was trying to prolong the actual workout. :-) Once I started my workout it went really good. I was proud of myself for running below my target time on each interval. I hit each 400 in under 1:29 and came in under 2:58 at the 800 mark. It was not easy, but I felt great. I haven't plugged in my Garmin yet, but I think my sets were: 2:57, 2:57, 2:55, 2:52, 2:50, 2:47. After a 10 minute cool down and some stretching I was DONE!

Take that Hart Field!

I was proud of myself for bucking up and getting the job done. One of the best feelings in the world is feeling good about a workout.

I was exhausted!

When I got home I rewarded myself with a little dip in the hot tub. :-)

I think the girls wanted in the hot tub too.....

Tia & Maisy "The Girls" (Maisy is looking out of the sliding glass door)


  1. Freakin Awesome is all I can say! Your little puppies are too cute and I think we have the same hot tub as you :)

  2. I love our hot tub! Do you use yours a lot? We didn't use ours last year at all, but I am excited that it is up and going this year. It is so nice to sit in after a hard workout.


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