Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marathon Training: Week 2

Now that my second week has been completed, only 10 more weeks to go. Another great week as far as training goes. I can definitely tell that the intensity has been kicked up a notch with this new training plan. It is a good feeling and I love pushing myself in my workouts. The only thing that would make it better is if I had a training partner-any takers?

Monday: OFF. After work I did some light stretching followed by abs and my foam roller

Tuesday: SJ class at 6:00 am. Took Maisy out for a short run at about 9:00-9:20/mile pace for 2.25 miles. When I got back I did some stretching, abs & used my foam roller. I was already feeling a little sore from my SJ class. We did LOTS of legs and lunges always make me feel like someone took a bat to my quads and hamstrings.

Wednesday: Now this was a workout! I woke up not feeling tired, but feeling incredibly sore from the day before. My quads were just burning with soreness. I really dislike running on the treadmill, but it is too dark to run on the track or roads when I get up. Ideally, I like to get my run finished before work so that I don't have to do it after work when I am exhausted from my work day. Unfortunately, this means I get to run on the treadmill at 5:00 am. There might be some weeks I can switch to an afternoon run, but I already had stuff planned for after work so that I could get ready for my parents to be in town over the weekend.
I ran 1 mile for a warm up- it was very slow. I started to loosen up towards the end of the mile and once I was done ,I stretched for a good 10 minutes. My workout consisted of 2 x 1200 meters @ 4:33 with a 2 minute recovery and 4 x 800 @ 2:58 with a 2 minute recovery. This was an epic fail for me! I am not trying to be negative, but it sucked! Running on the treadmill made it even worse- I almost stopped mid workout because I was mentally rearranging my afternoon so that I could run this on the track. I didn't hit any of my target times according to the treadmill, BUT I was below what the pace should have been. This royally pissed me off because technically I should have been below on every repeat by at least 6-8 seconds. According to my pace calculate that I use on Runner's World my 1200s should have been at 6:06/mile pace and my 800s should have been at 5:58/mile pace. I ran below both of those targets, but never hit the initial goal time. I was trying to not let it bother me, but as you can tell it does bother me. After today I am going to make every attempt to run these outside and just use my garmin. I trust my garmin way more than a stupid treadmill. GRRRRRRR.

After completing some research due to my lack of real world attention after my workout I started to feel a bit more positive with what I found. According to the McMillan Running Calculator a long distance runner should be hitting these target times on speed workouts based on 3:15 marathon:

Speed Workouts
Middle Distance RunnersLong Distance Runners
400m1:26.1 to 1:29.81:27.8 to 1:32.9
800m2:55.7 to 3:03.73:03.5 to 3:12.0
1000m3:49.4 to 4:00.13:55.1 to 4:04.1
1200m4:35.6 to 4:48.14:42.1 to 4:56.4
1600m6:16.1 to 6:30.66:24.1 to 6:38.2
2000m8:00.1 to 8:14.08:08.2 to 8:17.8

After seeing that chart, I suppose I can sleep at night. :-)

Thursday: SJ class at 6:00 am. I was so SORE when I woke up it was ridiculous. The pain from the lunges on Tuesday really set in and combined with my workout the day before I felt like a hot mess. It took a while to loosen up in class, but I noticed other people saying they were sore too so that made me feel better about my little situation.

Friday: Tempo day! Today was my first day using my Garmin foot pod so that I wouldn't have anymore frustrations with the treadmill. Garmin foot pod = amazing. My tempo was 7 miles with 1 mile easy, 5 miles at 7:00/mile and 1 mile easy. My average pace on the 5 miles was 6:55/mile. Not drastically below my target pace, but I was below it. The foot pod really helped me hit my times. The workout was a good, but not so great to my poor little heel! It hurt the whole workout, but of course I couldn't stop! I didn't realize it was bad until I was finished. Ouch! Note to self: remember to pack band aids in my gym bag. :-)

Saturday: OFF. Celebrated the day in Cheney with my family and some EAGS football.

Sunday: Long run day (17 miles). I like to get my run over first thing in the morning, but I had to take my hubby to the airport at 7:00 am and my parents were here. After I took Cam to the airport I came back and my parents and I went to Chaps for breakfast. I love their blueberry french toast- it is to die for! After breakfast I hung out with my parents before they had to leave. By this time I was getting tired from not having any rest from the previous week. My parents left around 11:30 and me and the girls went to snugggle. Ended up taking a much needed 2 hour nap. When I woke up around 2:00 pm the weather had obviously changed- it was windy and sprinkling. Definitely not the weather to put me in a good mood to go run 17 miles! I decided to buck up and get the run over with. My target pace Amy had me at was an 8:11/mile. I figured that this would be easy to obtain. I started off pretty slow because of the wind and then settled in a groove at about 8:00/mile. The first couple of miles I was actually having fun. Then about mile 5-6 I hated my life (pretty typical long run feeling) and once I hit mile 10 I was happy again. I ended up running 17.41 miles because I miscalculated my route home and was not walking .41 miles back to my house- much easier to just run it.  My overall time was 2:15:13 which equates to a 7:45 pace. Not too bad. I felt great after and I am not even sore. I am looking forward to seeing how I handle the 19 miles next week.

My three positive things from this week:

1. I wasn't sore from Sandpoint....does that mean I am in shape????

2. I can officially run inside on the treadmill with my new Garmin foot pod (amazing!!!!)

3. I killed my long run and it felt awesome!

Weekly Mileage: 32.16



  1. You totally kicked butt!! You're a warrior with that heel, looks like that hurt. I would train with you but I'm WAAAY to slow for you at this point. If you go to OZ I have a membership there and I could run next to you on a treadmill, lol :)

  2. Thanks! I feel like my training is going pretty good right now (knock on wood). You are doing awesome right now so the speed will come back to you before you know it.

    I used to workout at OZ on Regal, but we have been going to the Spokane Club for a couple of years now. Are you going to be at the Spokane 1/2 in a couple of weeks?

  3. I'm not going to do the half just because I'm really not prepared for it. I was thinking of the 10k but I don't want to depress myself with slow times again. I'm thinking of a 5k maybe in Jan/Feb (just have to find one). My next half will be the CDA in 2012 :)


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