Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In a serious funk

These last couple of weeks have not been good. Not good at all. I have zero motivation. You would think that I would be bouncing off of the walls with not attending spin classes or boot camp and just sticking with running and SJ. It really has had the opposite effect on me and now I am in a complete funk. There really are no excuses so I won't list any reasons as to why I think that this has happened. I do intend on making some changes, STAT. The hard thing is I am going on "vacation" starting tomorrow so it might be slightly difficult to make all of my necessary changes, but I am going to make a valid attempt. The main changes I will be making are:

1. Back to the "hardcore" diet (logging my food, counting my calories, keeping my carbs/protein/fat in reasonable proportions)

2. Making sure I get my WOO after every workout, this includes running

I am hoping that this funk goes away soon. I feel disgusting and I feel like I look disgusting. I really find it disgusting (I won't mention ANY names) when someone says "you can eat whatever you want, you're skinny!" People, that isn't the case; skinny people have to work just as hard. Skinny people can't eat whatever the want. Skinny people can get fat too! Sheesh!

On a more positive and happy note, I am really looking forward to getting away tomorrow. Cam and I are going to visit my family in Oregon. I will get to eat lots of cheese (NO CARBS!!!), eat a little bit of ice cream (CHEAT!!!), and go running on the beach. Maisy will get to have her first experience running in the OC- I hope she won't get too distracted. Pictures to follow :-)

PS- I really need this "vacation".....


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