Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to reality....(sigh)

These last 4 days have been spent on a mini vacation at my parent's house in Oregon. It was a much needed break from reality. The weather was perfect and it was great to get the opportunity to relax. I only wished that we could have stayed longer. We had the opportunity to take Tia & Maisy to the beach everyday- they loved it! It is fun to watch them having so much fun playing/digging in the sand. Those little furballs sure make me smile.

I did a lot of running while we were there (just because I was on vacation didn't mean I could be lazy). On Thursday I completed an 8 mile tempo run (longest tempo run to date), Friday I took Maisy for a 3 mile run on the beach, and Saturday I ran 11 miles in Manzanita. I was pretty tired for my tempo run- we didn't get to my parent's house until midnight so I probably could have used at least another hour of sleep, but we had stuff to do and people to see. It was the longest tempo run that I have completed so it was satisfying, but slightly painful at the same time. I didn't have a lot in my tank so the last couple of miles was a struggle for me to finish. My long run went much better, but my pace was off a bit. I will blame being on vacation mode for that. I decided to run my long run in Manzanita and forgot how small the town was- 11 miles is a lot of ground to cover for a small area. My route I had in the back of mind worked though. I ran a long the beach and up HWY 101 and then back down through the state park. When I got back to my car it was exactly 11 miles. Perfect!

Manzanita, OR

The best (and my most favorite) place to run

My diet didn't fare too bad, but I think I ate enough Halibut fish & chips to turn into a Halibut myself. The only really blow to my diet was eating fair food at the county fair, but that also happened to be the same day I ran 11 miles so I figured that some of that junk I ate was okay. :-)

Now that I am back to "real world" I am going to be gearing up to run Hood to Coast on August 26th & 27th. I am looking forward to this crazy adventure of running an insane amount of miles in 24 hours and not getting any sleep. I know, sounds crazy, but it is a lot of fun. I ran Portland to Coast when I was in high school and remember it being quite the experience. I don't know my team which should make for an interesting trip, but I guess that will just add to the excitement. More posts about H2C to come. :-)

Not quite sure if I have hit the 10,000 lunge mark, but I can relate :-)


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