Saturday, July 23, 2011

You had me @ coconut

Clif Bar is really beginning to "WOW" me. They have some new flavors out that are awesome. I recently tried the new Mojo bar flavor- Chocolate Almond Coconut. It is currently my new favorite. I love, love, love coconut! I found myself grabbing the bars by the handful while shopping at FM the other day, hopefully nobody else wanted to buy any.  Right now Clif Bars are only $0.98 at FM- I think that is a pretty good deal.

Mojo bars are slightly different than a regular Clif Bar. A Mojo bar contains nuts & pretzel chunks that add a crunchy sweet & salty taste. They are really good- especially if you like the sweet & salty taste. Clif Bar also creates other bars, such as: Luna, Builder Bars, Granola Crunch Bar, Z Bar (for kids), and much more.

Check out their website as they are always adding something new. Clif Bars


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