Monday, July 11, 2011

Go Girl Recap

What a fun and quick weekend!!!! I left for Portland after my 7:30 am spin class on Saturday and got into town a little after 4:30. I looked up a running specialty store called Foot Traffic and then met up with Cassie. We got some delish Thai food for dinner and then stayed up until midnight chit chatting and wedding planning. I was exhausted! Got up a little after 7 on Sunday to get ready for Go Girl. I was excited to get Go Girl done so we could get breakfast at Biscuits afterwards (I need to stop thinking about Biscuits right now because it is that good).

Go Girl was a lot of fun, but reiterated that I don't like trail running. I would prefer to run on even surfaces where I don't have to constantly be looking down and rolling my ankle. Trail running can be dangerous! The course was fun and challenging. There were so many hills that my quads and hamstrings were burning before I had even hit the halfway mark. The downhills were nice, but I felt that because the terrain was so uneven it was hard to get good speed and utilize them. I ended up placing 4th overall and got 3rd in my age group. I was pleased that I finished and held a fairly consistent pace over the hills. The 3 women in front of me didn't have a huge lead, but after rolling my ankle multiple times I figured that catching them wasn't worth the potential injury. Now that Go Girl is in the books, I am looking forward to my first 25K this coming Sunday. :-)

My new Brooks singlet

Run world, run :-)

Lucky #205

Run Oregon & Run Washington

I think I am ready.....

Waiting to start

Wave 1

The start of Wave 1

Cass & I in are super cute Go Girl finisher's shirts

The sweet shirts I bought us at Foot Traffic

4th place overall, 3rd in my age group


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