Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Detox

I officially have started a week of food detox to recover from the 4th of July weekend. I was good for the most part, but sorta feel gross today! The whole food extravaganza really started on Wednesday last week with dinner at the West Wing, followed by dinner at Gordy's on Thursday. Saturday morning we ate breakfast at Chaps and then on Sunday we went to Silverwood where (gasp!!!) I ate a funnel cake!!!! You could say that I am "living on the edge". Other than that, I was good. BBQ'd at home and made my healthy Chinese salad and corn on the cob. It was a great weekend, but now it is time to get back on track.

After talking with Amy about my food, I think that I am going to start not logging every single thing I eat and see how that goes. I shouldn't be losing anymore weight, if I did nobody would see me! LOL. I have a good idea of what and how much I can eat everyday. If I feel like I am falling off track then I will start logging everything I eat again. For the first couple days this week I am going to log mostly everything as part of my 4th of July detox process. :-)

My running over the weekend totally sucked. No other word to describe it. It was awful, I felt like a snail out there. Mostly it's my fault for staying out too late the night before and not getting my run completed before it was warm out. On Saturday I had my slowest long run to date and I honestly don't think I could have ran another step past my 8 miles. It wasn't a great feeling, usually I have more energy than that. Yesterday my 6 mile tempo ran felt the same. It wasn't my slowest tempo run, but definitely not my fastest. I was just glad to get it over with.

One of the better parts of my weekend was going to the Brooks Cavalcade of Curiosities that was visiting Spokane on Saturday. I won some free Brooks gear and got a free gait analysis. I have never had an official gait analysis so it was kind of cool to have done. They have you run bare foot on a treadmill while they film you running. Then they play it back and show you how your gait compares to what is considered normal. A normal leg should be positioned at about 180 degrees when you run...mine was far from that at about 167 degrees. My left leg is much worse because that is the one I had my ACL reconstruction surgery on. After they analyze your gait then they recommend shoes for you.  I was fairly certain that I have been wearing the right running shoes, but I was more concerned about what type of marathon training shoe I should invest it. Brooks has several to choose from so I was glad that I was able to get a good recommendation and now I know what I need to buy. Luckily, I have been wearing the right training shoes- I love my Adrenalines!

They had treadmills on the top of the double decker bus for the gait analysis

Run Happy :-)

I have a 10K on Sunday in Portland so I will be taking the week a bit easier than normal. The following weekend I signed up for my first 25K...eek!


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