Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This Sunday is the annual Bloomsday run in Spokane. It typically has over 45,000 runners trekking the 7.46 mile course. The course is not kind; Doomsday kills me every year. Every year except for this one. I always, literally, always complain about how much I hate running Bloomsday. I have ran it at least 6 times out of the 9 years I have lived in Spokane. This year I stuck to my guns and I didn't sign up. It feels liberating in a weird sort of way. My main reason for not signing up was because I don't like it and the second reason being that I want to have the freshest legs possible for my 1/2 marathon that takes place 2 weeks later. I don't feel like my fitness level is quite up to par to run a hard 12K followed closely by a 1/2 marathon. Especially since I haven't really raced in a year. People keep asking me if I am running Bloomsday and for the first time I can say "no" and be perfectly content with my answer. :)


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  1. huh, I hear ya there. I said no as well w/o any guilt! You're right, it is liberating. I never thought of it that way. Thanks for sharing.


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