Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Betty Lou's Nut Butter Balls

I was texting Amy about how fabulous the 22 Days bars were and she mentioned that she had never heard of them, but had recently eaten a Betty Lou's Butter Ball. I kind of wondered what it was, but got preoccupied and never asked her what exactly she was referring to.

While I was shopping around my new favorite store, Super Supplements, I came across a display of Betty Lou's. At first glance I saw "coconut macadamia" and said SOLD! I got several flavors for a taste test, knowing that I would more than likely be back to purchase more of these delicious sounding snacks.

As I am leaving the parking lot on my way to pilates class I decided that I really needed a snack. I decided to try the coconut macadamia first. OMG! It was to die for! I couldn't get over how amazing it tasted, how filling it was, and how it was gluten free! It was the perfect size for a snack. The further I got away from Super Supplements the more I was wishing that I had purchased more Betty Lou's. I will be back, very soon!

A more interesting thing about Betty Lou's is that they are made in McMinnville, OR. Who would have thought?  I did some searching around their website and it looks like they have several more tasty treat offerings. I might have to do some online shopping now! Here is their website: Betty Lou's

My to die for oh so yummy afternoon snack


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