Tuesday, April 5, 2011

22 Days

I am usually game to try most foods, but throw the word "vegan" into the mix and I cringe. Being raised on a dairy farm and consuming vegan products don't really go hand in hand.

While in Olympia this last weekend, Cam's aunt had me try these vegan energy bars called 22 Days. I figured why not just take a small bite, it might actually be good. Not only was the first bite good, but I inhaled the whole bar and was craving to try the other flavors. The bar was ah-mazing!!! Cam might not have the same opinion, but he is still a work in progress....

Last night I went to Super Supplements because I was curious about what flavors of 22 Days they carried (plus, I was hungry and needed my snack). I bought the "Cherry Chocolate Bliss", "Daily Mocha Mantra", and the "Enlightened Pumpkinseed". All 3 of the bars were very good (I just had a bite of each, I promise!). My favorite was the "Daily Mocha Mantra". It is so rich and delicious that it is hard to believe that it is vegan and gluten free. Isn't that stuff supposed to taste like crap?! The mocha and cherry bars could be used as a snack or even dessert because they are that yummy. The pumpkinseed bar would be great for a snack or for breakfast because it isn't as rich.

I felt proud of myself for taking the initiative to try something new and finding out that vegan/gluten free can actually be quite tasty. It feels good to branch out and try something new for a change.



  1. Who is this "Cam" character you keep referring to? Are we talking about Squirt?

  2. Haha. I forgot who Cam is..... :)


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