Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Fatsecret.com is probably one of the greatest websites ever created. It always you to keep track of everything you eat and the nutritional content of what you put in your mouth. It holds you accountable 24/7. The website has an application for your smart phone so even when you aren't home you can keep an eye on your eating. It has made me think twice about eating something and switching to a healthier alternative more than once. The website also has nutritional content for most restaurants and grocery store products. It makes eating out and shopping a bit easier.
The greatest feature of the app that I am slightly obsessed with is the barcode scanner. I love it because it scans the barcode from my food making entry much faster. It doesn't have every grocery store product, but I have only had a couple of products not scan.
You can also save your favorite meals for quicker entry and you can add your own recipes.
Fatsecret.com also gives you the ability to keep track of your weight, journal, and record your daily exercise.
Both the website and app have been extremely user friendly. I highly recommend signing up for an account. I might even let you be my Fatsecret buddy.

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