Monday, February 21, 2011

Healthy Diva Cooking

For the last several weeks I have contemplated starting a new blog. I will still update "Keeping Up With the Malcolm's", but my new blog will be about my adventures of becoming a healthier and more fit Tasha. Some people might wonder why I have decided to take on this new blogging adventure. I wanted to for several reasons, but the number one reason being is that I feel like it will be therapeutic for me. The last year and half have been nothing but stressful and it really took a toll on my health and fitness. Recently it feels like my life is starting to fall back into place and with that I am starting to make healthier choices again. Stress can definitely lead you to pack on some unwanted pounds! It is slightly embarrassing for me to think that I went from qualifying for the Boston Marathon to becoming completely inactive for several months.

Hopefully, Healthy Diva will inspire the Diva within everyone to become more fit and healthy. Just a few small daily changes in eating and exercise habits can make a huge improvement in your life. Healthy Diva is going to be all about how to achieve a fit and fabulous lifestyle. I will share with you some yummy recipes along the way and give you suggestions on how simple substitutions can make your favorite meals more nutritious. I love flavor, but sometimes using that flavor in moderation can make your meal just as yummy, minus all the extra calories. I promise that all recipes well be taste tested and Healthy Diva approved.

I am looking forward to having people follow me on my new journey. Check back daily to receive a healthy recipe or a fitness tip.


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  1. You and I are both using blog therapy to help us in our weight loss journeys...great minds think alike.


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