Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 1-15th: Recap

Last week was a fantastic week and then daylight savings time happened. I am exhausted and it’s only Tuesday. Gah! I am scaling back a few miles this week (or so I say that I am) because last week was another mileage high at 32. I am ahead of my March mileage goal and it’s only the 15th. I feel pretty good about that considering I “grow” every single week. Ha.

The first week of March I ran a total of 30.75 miles. I ended Sunday with a cold/windy 13.20 miles that was nice confidence booster for both of my upcoming half marathons. I even threw in a relatively hilly 4 mile run from my office after work one day.

Running @ 19 weeks

In the second week I ended up with 32 miles and even threw in a 5 mile race (recap HERE) on Sunday. Bonus of the week was managing to go to the gym in the morning on Tuesday AND on Friday. I definitely need to be better about that, but I am making strides and regaining my love affair with 5 am workouts.
An early morning run for the virtual Pi Day 5k on Pi day (I ran 3.14 miles)

Baby M is officially half baked so give or take will be here in around 20 weeks.  Can I start freaking out now?!
20 week comparison


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