Friday, March 25, 2016

Being P-A-T-I-E-N-T

I set the lofty goal at the beginning of March to run at least 100 miles for the month. My running was going great, almost too good to be true so when my right groin muscle got grouchy I had to be patient and take some extra rest days scaling back on my mileage. I had just completed a 7 mile early morning treadmill and felt great the entire run. When I hopped off the treadmill and felt a twinge, I knew that it was not a good sign. However, I have had a tight muscle like that before and usually by the end of the day it isn’t noticeable and I carry on. However, this time that was not the case. By that night I was hobbling and in pain. I broke out my True Blue muscle rub and an icepack with my fingers crossed it would feel better in time for an early morning run on Friday (3/18). I ended up being in pain all night. Every toss and turn was a not so friendly reminder. I ended up turning off my alarm, knowing that I would not be going to the gym. By Saturday it felt fairly decent so I decided to run a few miles to test it out. Not even a ½ mile in, I noticed that it was already bothering me, but not too bad. So I kept running and ran a bit over 5 miles (why are runners, including myself so stubborn?!). After I got done running I felt fine. I stretched out good and carried on with my morning until it was time to go to the gym. At the gym I wanted to finish my daily mileage so I ran another 4 miles to make it 9 for the day. Muscle felt okay until I was done running and then it went downhill from there. I was sore for the rest of the day and ended up deciding I needed to smarten my dumb ass up because of my two upcoming half marathons. I ended up making the executive decision to rest Sunday AND Monday. Not an easy decision to make, especially for me!

Less than 19 weeks to go Baby Boy {give or take}

Birks are my new love!

21 week pregnancy comparison

Tuesday (3/22) I woke up still feeling not 100% so instead of risking it, I rode the stationary bike for 8 miles and called it a morning. Glaring at everyone on the treadmills because I was jealous. I felt great for the rest of the day and when I woke up on Wednesday so I decided to test it out and run a few miles before work. I walked for 5 minutes on the TM to warm up, followed by some good stretching. I was hoping to run 3-4 miles, but when I hit the 20 minute mark I didn’t feel like pushing it any further. It still felt sore, but nothing like it had a few days ago. Definitely played it safe, 2.15 slow miles is better than none! Thursday night (3/24) I had an amazing run on the Centennial Trail and was able to get in 5 pain free miles. Woohoo!!! If I hadn’t have told the husband I would be back to the Y no later than 45 minutes I would have run even further. I stretched good and iced before I went to bed as a precaution. This morning I got up early and ran a little over 4 miles watch free before work. I had slight pain, but nothing bad and it only flared up in the last mile. As soon as I got home I stretched and iced really good while Little and I watched cartoons on her tablet.

Early morning sunrise miles are good for the soul

I had a little cutie patootie waiting for me to get back from my run this AM

Depending on how the rest of my day goes, I hope to run another 3-4 miles tonight, complete a short run Saturday morning before Easter festivities kick off and do a run no more than 8 miles on Sunday. However, I am being good and being patient so if something doesn't feel right, I will take some additional rest days. I am just thrilled that I have been able to run as much as I have with this pregnancy. I want to be able to run up until baby boy's due date!

Little got to practice collecting eggs on Wednesday- she is all ready for the Easter Bunny!

Our trip to San Francisco is just 1 week away! I am excited to be running my 20th HALF MARATHON in one of my favorite cities with Little in tow and baby boy on board. <3


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