Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Just when I thought I might hit delete.....

I spent the last year pondering on whether I should delete this blog completely. Just when I thought my mind was made up, I just couldn’t follow through.

So much has happened since my last post. I don’t even know where to begin. 2015 was not a good year for me, in fact it was a pretty shitty year. The only glimpse of some happiness was finding out that Little is going to be a big sister this summer. So now here I am with pregnancy hormones running crazy and dealing with the loss of my father in September. To say that I am almost a mess daily is an understatement. After my father unexpectedly passed away, my life just stopped. If it hadn’t have been for my daughter to keep me going, I don’t know what place I would be in right now. I managed to make it through my daily routine of going to work and taking care of her, but taking care of myself was not a priority. I stopped working out completely, had zero appetite for months, and felt sick every day both emotionally and physically. It wasn’t until around Christmas time that I realized I needed to get my life back in order. The best form of therapy I can think of is running, so slowly I got back into my groove. Each day feeling a little bit stronger and more like myself.

I am half way through week 16 of this pregnancy and feel pretty good. I am running 4-5 days a week and averaging 20-23 miles weekly. My pace although much slower is pretty consistent. I had a minor bout with compartment syndrome again last summer, but so far have felt no symptoms. My last PT gave me some great tips that include wearing my compression sleeves to bed. My physician said that I will always be on the fine line of having or not having CS so foam rolling, stretching and compression sleeves are key.

For pregnancy motivation I have been signing up for virtual and local races. Mostly just sticking to 5Ks, but I have a half marathon that I plan on running at 25 weeks and possibly a second at 31 weeks. I am not “training” for either of the halfs, but I am using an old training plan so that I can at least get appropriate mileage in. I am not concerned about mile repeats etc. at this point.
Hard to believe she will be 2 in April!


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  1. Ah, so sorry to hear about your dad, Tasha. I can't even imagine. But it sounds like things are slowly getting better. Amazing what running does for the mind and spirit. Hang in there and congrats on the pregnancy!


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