Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week in review: A podium week & huge cycling improvement

I hope that everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend and had a safe and Happy 4th of July. I didn't work on Friday so I definitely took advantage of the time to get in some extra workouts. I ran two races and biked more in one week than I almost have in one month. I felt exhausted just looking back at my workouts, but this week probably won't be as crazy. I have another half marathon over the weekend that is out of town so I will be resting up for that. Just another "fun run", but it is going to be at a higher elevation than I am used to so it will probably be on the tough side.

You can read about my first attempt at a brick workout HERE. I would say that it was a success AND I beat the morning heat! 12.3 mile bike ride + 2 mile run all before 6 am. #Winning

After work I went to FGF. We were supposed to clean & jerk 60% of our 1 RM. My 1 RM is only 95# so 60% of that was roughly 57#s. I opted to complete level 2 so I did 65#s.

I only did 4:30 of core when I got home because my tailbone was super sore for some reason. Everything made it hurt more so I just stopped. 

Rode my bike to FGF & back for a total of 4.25 miles.

OHS are the DEATH OF ME. I am awful at them!!!! Did much better on the 2nd portion of the workout where I was able to complete both sets of 100 DU's! My total time was 17:14 (ish). I forgot my actual time, but I think that is what it was. 

15 minutes of core at FGF before I rode home.

After I did some things around the house and ate dinner I headed off to the swimming pool to get in some practice. I ended up with a new swimming PDR (personal distance record?) and swam 20 laps without the kickboard. I practiced my breathing the whole time and felt fairly confident. I had to take numerous breather breaks in between sets, but it was only my 3rd swim session. I also shared a lap the entire time I was there. The guy that I shared with was super fast. He might have lapped me a lot. I should have challenged him to the track. Haha. :-)

Rode my bike to FGF & back for another 5.07 miles. In case you were wondering, I take different routes which is why my mileage to and from FGF is always different.

I had a super tough time in FGF because the shoulder press is tough. It is all arms and you can't use your legs like in a push press. We weren't supposed to drop the bar for the deadlift, hang squat clean or the shoulder press. If we did we had a penalty of 5 burpees. I ended up dropping the freaking bar twice on the shoulderpress so I had to complete 10 burpees. The last two rounds they let me push press instead of shoulder press to get through. UGH. It is tough to select your weight on some of these workouts because the weight can be super easy for one lift, but then difficult for another.

I stayed for the extra core work at FGF which was 50 dragon flys. They were super tough and my abs were on fire. Rode my bike home and then ran 3.15 miles to round out my day. 

I had my 4th of July 5K, but wanted to get in some extra miles for my "ultra" relay training. Ran 1.25 miles at home and did some stretching. Drove to the race, checked in, and then ran an additional 2.51 miles. Finished the 5K which my garmin registered as 3.14 miles making it 6.9 miles for the day. I am working on a race recap, but I was the 2nd female OA. 

Took the rest of the day off to celebrate the 4th of July!

OFF! Figured I needed to rest up before the half marathon the following morning.

Negative Split 1/2 Marathon!!!! Loved this race a ton! Also working on a race recap, but I was the 4th female OA and placed 2nd in my AG. It was a great race and I felt good even on tired legs.

Ran a quick and easy warm up of 1.01 miles.
The garmin registered the race at 13.16 miles

After the awards ceremony Laney and I went for a quick ride out on the Centennial Trail. It got hot! I was glad I had two water bottles of Nuun with me to get me through. What I am most excited about is the improvement I have made on the bike. I hadn't logged a ton of miles for the month of June 47.37 miles to be exact, but I have made a huge improvement. On Saturday I rode the exact same route as I did on June 2nd and look at the difference:

5 miles
5 miles
5 miles
5 miles
5 miles
.63 miles
5 miles
5 miles
20 miles
5 miles

.57 miles
21.20 miles

I a pretty excited to see that I am improving on the bike!!!!!

AM workout-
4.25 mile run sans garmin + 15 minutes of core work. I went to the pool, but it was full and nobody looked like they were almost done so I went home. I was bummed. Oh well.

PM workout-
Ran an additional 5.55 miles, but ran on my TM to avoid the heat. Covered 276 vertical feet so I did make it a hill workout of sorts.

Decided to give the swimming pool another chance and had another PDR!!!! I swam 22 laps and felt pretty good. I am also excited to see the improvements I am making in my swim. For only my 4th swim session in the last two weeks I think I am doing great. I definitely feel a million times more confident, but there is still a lot of work I need to do.

Total miles ran: 36.64 miles
Total miles biked: 42.82 miles
Total laps swam: 42 laps
Crossfit classes: 3

Let's chat:
Did you race over the holiday weekend? How did it go?
Do you double run days to get ready for relays?



  1. That's awesome on the negative split 1/2 marathon Tasha! Improvements all around with the swimming and the biking! Great job girl :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ha, thanks Kat! I am a little wee bit sore today. My bad. :-)

  3. You were crushing everything this week! Congrats on the awesome placement at the race. That's very impressive in the midst of all the other training you did. Glad the swimming is progressing for you, along with the bike. Look out triathlon world!

    1. I really think that my triathlon training couldn't have come at a better time. I felt like I was in a bad running slump and it has helped bring me out of it. I feel excited and energized about the change up of my training. I love riding my bike and try to ride it every chance I get. Swimming has grown on me too! I have found over the last week that I am starting to love the run again which I haven't felt in months. Hopefully the running slump is coming to an end!

  4. Great job on your bike times!

    1. Coming from you Marnee that is a compliment. Thank you!

  5. Sounds like you did pretty awesome on your race! And I am loving all of the biking and swimming :)

    1. I am loving the change up of everything right now. Hopefully I can get in a better groove of everything, but it is hard when I also have relays I need to train for. There is not enough hours in the day!

  6. You totally downplay how fast you are :) Awesome job with the tri-specific work. Isn't it fun to start to get better at something new? Also, fun fact, my best friend who lives in Spokane totally goes to FGF too!

    1. I think you are much faster than me Miss Robyn. :-)
      I am loving the triathlon specific workouts because it is all so knew. It's a great change of pace from just running all of the time.
      I will have to look for your friend now that I know who she is. Not sure if we have been in a class together or not. Small world!

  7. Yeah, I don't know how you are still moving around! That is quite a week! I am really impressed with your biking! I also think it's great how much you value the improvement you've made in both biking and swimming. Nice work!

    1. Thanks Amy! I was pretty busy last week. Can you tell that I love working out? lol. This week will be pretty low key since I will be in Missoula over the weekend.

  8. I'm still awed that you do half marathons as a fun training run :P Wow. Your training is really incredible - I'm glad you got an extra day off work to have more time for it and (hopefully!) resting a bit as well.

    1. I think I get myself into trouble by signing up for them in advance and then realize I am not that prepared. I would like to train for 1/2 PR attempt, but probably not until next year.

  9. Good grief. podium finishes on 2 races and still working out 6 days a week. I am pretty sure I'd sleep for 3 post either of those race wins ;) Nicely done pretty lady!


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